An example of how to access your power if your vibration is under 200

simon-bakerI have a favorite actor. Simon Baker, from The Guardian and from The Mentalist.

Before I sat down to write this post, I looked what it is that I like about him. And I found two things about him that make me want to be around him:

  1. He is never in a hurry. He is not tense, he is not forceful, even when his life is threatened. I can feel the automatic muscle tension leave as he quickly returns to coherence, the only state where you can be effective and efficient in your next step, whether it is picking the lock of a handcuff, seeing the invisible to other details, or winning a hand in poker.
  2. He uses context the best way invented context can be used to cause an immediate shift in his attitude.

    Making a television series is a grind, and it is easy to go unconscious: it feels simply like self-preservation: surviving it. But Simon Baker created a context: first he created “It’s an acting school” and then for the Mentalist “It’s a movie school”.

    When you are in learning mode, you don’t go unconscious, you don’t burn out. It’s work, and you do it because it’s worth it.

    Now, Simon Baker’s vibration, this morning, is 180, not very high. And his IQ is under 100… so he is not a brainiac.

    He is an example of what you can do with what you got when you use the tools available for every human: cause your own coherence and context.

    And what I said in yesterday’s post still stands: he doesn’t feel the need to pretend so he can be accepted, liked, admired, whatever.

    Pretending tightens you up. Pretending in order to also becomes the context…

    So, obviously, when you find someone who isn’t tight and isn’t pretending, they probably have a context, consciously or unconsciously, that is life affirming, that makes life fuller, that allows them to be present. To what? That is, of course, undefined.

    The tools don’t define what you use them for. Like a hammer, they can be used to do a lot of different things.

  3. Simon Baker’s character, in both TV series is on the border of using these tools for good or for not so good… Not a knight in shining armor… And for whatever personal reason, I like that.

    Good, being boxed in doing good is not natural… No freedom, no liberty in it. Also no choosing. And without free choice one is a slave.

PS: As I was looking for pictures of this actor, I noticed that all his pictures were taken while he was tense… Posing for pictures, being taken out of a context, is all pretense. Smiling for a picture is not natural, and is wearing a smile like a mask. Hm. Interesting. All your gurus do that… and you are attracted to them.

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