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world-viewIf I am better off than you, I have one thing that I can acknowledge, that you don’t seem to have: I don’t see that what I believe, my beliefs, have anything to do with what I do.

You do… You live in a world that preaches you to believe, and if and when you do, you can have anything you want, that you believe you can have. That is the floor of your world, and it is a false floor.

I don’t believe that, and I have proven a hundred times that what I believe or don’t believe is irrelevant.

So while you are trying to change your beliefs, while you follow any guru who promises to change your beliefs, and get even deeper entranched in that world view where your beliefs matter, I just do what I do, regardless of what I believe or what I don’t.







old-ageBut if your floor is that your beliefs matter… you need something to disabuse you from them…

I have found that there is some relevance to your life of what you believe if you live in a beliefs matter world… There are certain actions, including no-actions that flow out of your beliefs. As long as your beliefs and your actions to compensate for your beliefs, are tied together, you won’t be able to break out of your cage…

I won’t ask you to give up or even change your beliefs, you probably can’t, anyway.

What I am going to ask you is to change your actions.


Your beliefs, surprisingly, are anchored into your energy body, keeping you on a short leash.

I have found that just like any other energy attachment, these anchors can be pulled.

Once the anchors are pulled, your job is to immediately start acting differently from your beliefs.

As I said before, the beliefs won’t change. Your actions will… if you are willing.

The more you are entrenched in beliefs… and if you have ever believed in a religion or creed, you still are, it is going to be harder, but it’s possible, with energetic support.

You know yourself…

A few weeks ago, as I was removing attachments from an Irish woman, living in Ireland, one of her attachments was put on her by religion… I told her. To which she answered: “I don’t go to church any more…”

Not going to church is a dead giveaway… it would never occur to me to go to church or not go to church… I have never thought going to church even exists…

Religious indoctrination is invisible to you like water is invisible for the fish, or air to the bird. But it is there, nevertheless, and you need to know what is defining your life…

Once you know it, you have some power with it. You can take actions inconsistent with the dogmas, and actually start producing some results that were previously impossible.

That is what this “pulling your anchor to your beliefs” can accomplish and support you with.

But you need to be willing.

Now, there is a little problem: when I look for and pull attachments 1 from your energetic body, there is no guarantee that I can tell if an attachment is a result of an attack, of you believing in karma, a soul fragment, or your anchor to your beliefs.

So, for most people, you need to have all your attachments pulled, so I can get to your anchors to beliefs that hold you back in life.

That’s how it works.

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