Money… grow it… Part 2… Take an Inventory

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Most people start pretty much anything with the idea of what they want. That is the starting point, that is also, most of the time, the context.

But it is a default context, not empowering.

  • Empowering: gives you the power to be your best.
  • Not empowering: doesn’t effect your state of power.
  • Disempowering: Takes away your power to act well.

I said it this way in another article a year ago:

disempower is the opposite of empower. Empower means: allow and suggest that they have the power. Provide them with what they need to have the power.
Disempower is taking away what you already have.

What people consider as negative self-talk or negativity is in essence disempowering talk. You have the power, innately, to do the things that your heart says you can do.

You are never given a desire that you are not equipped to fulfill… so in essence, if you don’t fulfill on your desires, it means that either your self-talk or the talk of another disempowered you: you allowed some talk to convince you that you can’t and that you should not even go for it.

Of course, in the past year I have had a lot of insights that make the LANGUAGE of that article lying, but the fact remains: words cause beingness. Self-talk causes beingness… except when it is forced on the top of some fundamental self-talk that is largely unconscious.

If you are the alpha and the omega of things, if everything is about you, then you are going to be wretched. Or if you already are, you are going to stay that way.

The job is to get out of the default context and into something more empowering.

I looked at what the context inside which I have done what I have done the past two months, and I found this: “I want to do what I want to do, and I want to continue doing what I want to do, whatever that is… without interruption. Without having to do anything for it.”

And, obviously, my starting point to increasing revenues is the same… I just want to do…

It is as if I were thinking of dropping some weight, but I would start with “I just want to watch TV and eat ice cream…” It is easy to see that it would not support me in doing what one has to do to drop some weight.

Finding the default context is part of a larger project: Inventory.

Without knowing the truth about where you are, you can never succeed. This is where most people get stuck. They either are unwilling to tell the truth, or sweep it under the rug.

So the first step of the inventory is to look at your current mindset, your current context…

Don’t let it bother you, it can be as hideous as mine, at this stage we just want to know. Judging it, embellishing it, lying about it is self-defeating: don’t do it.

In my long business career I have had many coaches. One thing was in common, although their methodology, their system differed vastly: They didn’t do any work to find out anything: they did not do inventory.

They tried to coach me based upon their idea of where I was, what I knew, what I wanted to accomplish, etc.

All of these coaches failed to produce any results with me, no exception.

Why didn’t they spend the time doing the inventory? Because coaches are ordinary people, like you, not very interested in reality…

What you want is a bad starting point.

Other parts of the inventory:

  • Finding your skill set
  • Revealing your personality, your habits… especially your ways of making decisions
  • Look at your life… how much time, how much support, how much peace of mind do you have that you can dedicate to a project… any project
  • What are your resources, like money, or any other things/people that you’ll need to get this project done
  • your knowledge level, your intelligence level, your comprehension level
  • How is your health, energy level
  • Honest and impartial your history of successes and failures
  • more

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