More money Part 4: your relationship to money

Relationship-with-MoneyWhat is your relationship to money?

For the most part, your relationship to money, your attitude about money, is the same or similar, as your attitude about life. It is either powerful or it isn’t… and of course everything in between.

Raising the quality of your relationship to money is the exact same thing as raising your vibration. The moves are exactly the same. The higher vibration relationship will effect your money, your personal relationships, your success in any area of life, your health, and your experience of life: your level of fulfillment, purpose, joy, and happiness.

Of course, your understanding of what I just said is on the level of your current vibration… you want more stuff… right? You’ll see what it really means as you raise (increase) your vibration by climbing the Tree of Life, from branch to branch to branch, to as high as you can manage in this lifetime.

the religious relationship to money




Money-relationshipYour access to power is taking responsibility. Whatever you bring responsibility to, becomes an area where you become more powerful.

Ultimate power comes with taking on being responsible for everything that you own.

Of course, the hidden part of life is also hidden by you, and what you can’t see you can’t own. Your hidden part may be completely visible to others, others that interact with you, it is only hidden from you.

Your soul correction points to the hidden that YOU can’t and don’t want to see. 1

Currently your relationship to money is from weakness. From powerlessness. And maybe from scarcity, need, want, greed, desperation, etc.

I don’t know if you can, but if your relationship to money is like that, then you are powerless. You may know how to manipulate, you may know formulas, you may know how to rob, cheat, swipe, shortchange, but there is no happy life that can be built on a foundation like that.

A lot of people claim they know how to teach you to make more money, to become rich, but when I check them, they either made their money by accident, by deceit, by robbing, cheating, faking, and are actually quite miserable.

The richest people on the planet are not happy. Happiness comes from your relationship to life, and the richest people have an unhappy relationship to life.

Would you like my vibrational reading on the richest people on the planet? Please comment in the comment section. Thank you.

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  1. My soul correction is “Forget Thyself”. It has been near impossible to see that what I want to give (ME-ME-ME) is not what people want. To be able to “come from” what others want has been the hardest thing for me to do and be… but that is what “Forget Thyself” demands of me.

    The art is to find fulfillment in giving people what they want, to have compassion that they can’t want what I want to give, because of reasons of their own, and if I ever want to fulfill my destiny, I have to give them what they want. Painful. Your soul correction will be painful to you. Guaranteed.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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2 thoughts on “More money Part 4: your relationship to money”

  1. Thanks for your More Money Series. Could I ask what Richard Branson’s vibration is? How about the British Queen – she’s got quite a wodge and we even pay to see her stuff at Buckingham Palace. Cheers

  2. Richard Branson vibration: 190. vibration number alone is a very weak indicator of success. iq, emotional iq, level of mental acuity, willingness to fail and learn from it… they are all not expressable with the vibration number.

    Queen Elizabeth II vibration: 170

    Even when I talk about a teacher or a guru, I need to look at what they teach, what is the truth value, to have a more round picture.

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