Money Course Part 6: The biggest hindrance for your well-being, including your financial well-being

well-beingWhat is the biggest hindrance for your well-being, including your financial well-being?

And under well-being I include health, emotional health, relationship health, your whole existence.

I bet you can’t even imagine being well.

I remember when I tried, years ago, all I could see is running on a field and the wind blowing in my hair.

So, going towards well-being is not easy, because well-being is an experience that is empty. To the degree it is empty, to the same degree you are well.

Let me explain: wouldn’t you say that financial well-being would be and experience where nothing is missing, nothing is lacking?

well-beingNow, look at health: isn’t health an experience where there is no pain, no heaviness, no pressure, no tension, none of the things that you are now experiencing, or could.

Emotional well-being: no bad feelings are resisted, no tension, nothing hidden, freedom. Deep breath comes easy. the thoughts are resting.

You’ll never see the light if you’re in someone else’s shadow, or said another way, life is like a dog sled team, if you’re not the lead dog, the scenery never changes

Now, if what I am saying is true, and all well-being is the lack of something NOT well-being, then using all the voodoo stuff you’ve learned is not only useless, it is actually harmful.

Why would it be harmful to use tools like affirmations, vision boards, mind-movies, dreaming, and such?

Because those tools increase your sense of what’s missing. It sets an impossible scenario of plenty, and doesn’t do anything to remove the anchors that keep you where you are.

So, all those tools do is leave you the same, inside, and increase the gap between your experience and your desired experience.

When you hear that appreciation and gratitude is the key to heaven, you are even more challenged.

On one hand “THEY” say: aim towards the sky, on the other hand “they” say be grateful for what you already have.

work-life-balance-imageHave you tried to hold both with the same brain? I can promise you, you go insane if you do.

The Buddha said that what keeps you miserable is wanting.

Now, while it is perfectly true, 100% true, he offers nothing to rid you of the human animal instinct, the urges, and the influences that want you to shop, to strive, to yearn, to wish, to desire, to lust after… after all, if you stopped wanting and paid attention to what holds you back, you would buy mighty little from the merchants that live using those feelings that kept you stuck.

Well-being is counter-cultural. You can’t be well if you stay on the grid, emotionally, energetically. If your main focus is to belong, to be part of. Society is programmed to make you feel dissatisfied.

So, what am I saying?

What I am trying to say is that the methodology of removing the urges, removing the strings that keep you a puppet on a string, that removing the energy leaks, that removing the unreal expectations produces a reliable, powerful, count-on-able, potent remedy for your current state of discontent.

How do we do it?

  • For ongoing use, I recommend the Heaven on Earth remedy. Whether you make it yourself, or buy it from me: it reliably removes 40 emotions that keep you unhappy with what you have, with who you are, with other people, with what is going on in your life. 1

    It’s ongoing… I am still taking it.

  • Recommended also for ongoing use: any version of the Avatar State Audios. 2 My favorite is the Abundance activator, because that is where I am weakest.

    Being able to be happy with what is… it is probably the hardest thing for me to be. And being happy doesn’t mean: resigned to, complacent, settling for less… No, happy and going for what I want to go for.

    When there is a power outage and my mp3 player stops playing, I know by the amount of grief I experience… So, yeah, it’s ongoing

  • Have your attachments removed. 3 I call everything the pierces your “energy body” and causes you to leak, or causes another to operate you, have access to you, influence you, make you dance to their tune. I do it remotely. It takes time, and it takes all I got… but I can do it.
  • Use your soul correction as guidance of where you are weakest in being the kind of person who can be happy, fulfilled, and well. 4
  • You can try it on your own, or you can join the Reclaim… 5I am contemplating creating a level there where you get one email consult per month…

    You can “attack” this issue through any area of life,

    • your health
    • your finances
    • your work
    • your passion

    Every road leads to Rome…

    In the Reclaim you set the topic, I am only there to guide you.

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  1. Heaven on Earth
  2. Avatar State Audios
  3. Find out if you have attachments
  4. What is your soul correction?
  5. Reclaim coaching program

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