Why I refuse to teach a course on Abundance?

abundance-lies-wayne-dyer1As you know, it’s taken me two years to become willing to create the More Money Workshop.

I know, you expected an Abundance course… but you see, your concept of abundance is flawed. Your concept of abundance is corrupted.

Why and how your concepts of life, including abundance got corrupted?

By religion first, and then by gurus who piggyback on your already corrupted world view.

What is religion?

Religion is a world view in which you are policed by entities that decide your fate, and all you can do is to try to please them so they help you, instead of killing you.

Religion is reduces you to an effect, who has very little to say about their fate.

Some creeds tell you that unless you believe their dogma, you’ll go to hell… and that introduces mandatory belief… and the suspension of your thinking ability, the suspension of rationality.

14-ways-to-raise-your-abundance-vibration-attract-more-money-17-6381Abundance is a concept straight out of religion: you have nothing to say about it… all you can do is please some deity, do what you are supposed to do, think what you are supposed to think, and avoid thinking what you are not supposed to be.

Some new creeds even say that you are supposed to feel certain things and not supposed to feel others… 1

But, you see, you cannot suppress anything without having to suppress everything. Feelings, thoughts… As you are trying to hold a thought hoping that it appeases the deity you want to give you abundance, you are submitting to a superstition… and stop yourself to live a life a creativity, freedom and liberty.

So you equate abundance with GETTING MONEY. Getting, not making. Money appearing from nothing… all you have to do is think certain thoughts, and feel certain feelings.

I have some news for you: gurus who do well financially don’t do what they teach you to do: they actually bust their ass, and work hard to make the money from you. Just like priests, pastors, and the pope don’t believe in what they demand you to believe in: no they work hard to deceive you. They don’t believe in any god, especially not in a god that actually does something for them… YOU do.

So seeing that talking about abundance attracts the religious people who want something for nothing, I decided not to create an Abundance Course, instead create a course where you need to apply yourself.

Now, that I have obliterated 99% of humanity, the believers. I am left with people who could see that they need to do some work if they want some move money…


Do I hope to change you into a non-believer, thinker, independent human? No, I think it is not possible. Countless of people failed at it before me. I am not even trying. So what am I doing?

I believe that my unique contribution to your life is to allow you to believe what you believe but act not from your beliefs. And how I am doing that, is with energetic support.

The question remains: are you willing?

Of course, left to your own devices you aren’t.

But that is what the energies are for: they, the energies, are all about

  • assisting you where your will is weak,
  • assisting you where the resistance is too big,
  • assisting you where fear normally stops you.

Who I am and what I do

This morning I redefined myself, redefined what I do.

I realized that if I put my emphasis on what’s different about me and about what I do, I may reach less people, but I will probably reach the people that I need to reach, the people that are, with energetic help, willing.

All my energies, whether they are audio, or energy remedy, work on your resistance to be a person, to think for yourself, to look before you leap, on your resistance to take risks, on your resistance to live fully… etc. To be a person… not just a personality.

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  1. attraction, manifestation are all code work of getting your ass wiped for you… belief, superstition, religion… don’t think, don’t work, don’t be a person

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