The machine that runs your life

crash and burn machine of your lifeMy stunning discovery that my conscious thoughts don’t direct my actions may spell out why you are where you are, and why you can’t move from where you are to where you’d like to be… without energetic support.

Now, truth be told, I should have discovered that fact earlier, after all I have read it, but there is a difference between reading something and nodding, and actually discovering it for yourself.

Here is a below the conscious element, you have if you are a Christian or if your religion is “manifesting” or the Law of Attraction: “If somebody else will do it, you’ll never do it.. why bother, why interfere in fate?”

Here is another one: “I can’t.” And unless you build a below the conscious reality in which you can, in which you are someone who can, it will run your life, no matter what affirmations, what mind-movies you expose your conscious mind to… because this is how it works.

The difference is the difference between Tree of Knowledge and Tree of Life… mind stuff, and personal truth.

No matter what you read, no matter who you read, who you listen to, until it becomes personal experience, it is Tree of Knowledge, not true, not knowledge, not yours.

For you, what makes the decisions is below the visible layer, below the thoughts, below what even makes sense… and unless you start to alter what is there, your life is going in the wrong direction.

The only way to make something yours, something that will move your life in the right direction is through action.

watch the machine

But fear is there. The fear of the unknown. Masquerading as disinterest, depression, tiredness, or laziness.

And unless you are willing to wait for some accident, or tragedy, to move you out of your slumber, to move you out of your complacency, you’d better get some help.

As I said before: words won’t do it. Pictures won’t do it. Mind-movies won’t do it. Subliminals won’t do it. Why? Because where the power is, the words, the pictures, the movies, the subliminals don’t reach… not even hypnosis. After all hypnosis is still words and pictures, albeit imagined.

So what can effect the sea of power? Energy. Precise energies can make as much difference in waking you up as an earth quake, or a tsunami…

And once you are awake, they help you to take the actions you need to take to take your life to where you want it to go.

tumblr_mzxocyNUJ11ruvph0o1_500As you see, the biggest enemy you have is sleeping.

Let me explain something… it has a lot to do with sleeping:

You see, we all live out a script. A life-script that repeats itself. It is personal, I think.

My machine

I have a life-script. I call life-script the machine. My machine is the story of the phoenix bird: periodically it burns to ashes, and then the cycle starts anew.

Your script is not necessarily a happy one… in fact it is probably a script of loss and heart break.

My story plays out in the area of money. It used to have a cycle of one year: once a year, at the same time of the year, I would crash and burn. Then I’d have to rebuild from the ashes.

Two years ago I had a course on it, and learned how to keep it in check, and I managed not to crash and burn for a whole 30 months… but, alas, I forgot about it, and this summer I fell asleep at the wheel, and crashed my life, meaning my money.

Some people have longer cycles. Some people have shorter. Some people crash every week… and have to come back from the dead every week.

giphy2 potw_01You can crash your relationships regularly. You can crash your health. Just look at the campaigns in your life: diet, exercise, socializing, smoking, drinking! You can crash your job, or like me, you can crash your finances.

And you may also be able to see that staying alert, conscious, expecting it, and learning your moves to avert disaster are a useful tool… maybe even a life saver.

How I dropped the ball

I checked my audio that plays in my office this morning, and turns out it is not what I thought it was: a few months ago I swapped the Abundance Avatar State Activator audio to the Harmonizer…

I just switched it back… I need all the energetic support I can get to stay awake and stay on the ball.

The Abundance audio will help me rebuild, recover my direction, and restore me to financial well-being.

It is not an accident that I have so many different Avatar State audios. We each have a different way we drop the ball, in different areas of life. I have even made some custom audios.

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