Election year manipulation

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fear economy: do not feed the fearsWho makes money when you are scared?

Or another question: who doesn’t make money when you are scared? Because if you stay scared long enough, smaller companies will go out of business… for sure.

This fear based behavior started in the middle of summer, if my feelings are correct, and it is effecting my chiropractor, MindValley, and myself. And when I look at the behavior of people emailing me to sell me something, creators of programs, I can detect desperation and hope in them… Hope that SOMETHING will work…

Panic-mongering is an age old technique to control people and fleece them.

Scared people are stupid. Fear causes incoherence.

fear makes people act stupidAs long as what you feel is who you become, you have no self, you have no core, you have no stability. You are everyone’s playtoy.

I spoke with an old friend this morning. She drives a school bus for a living. After hello she shared with me the defining experience she had this year: one of the students screaming at her, and all the teachers and the mother apologizing to her.

This happened a week ago. She was still shaken: the experience has made her fearful… huge impact.

EconomyClippingsI asked her permission to give her the energy bundle, Heaven on Earth, and I could feel as the tension was leaving her body, little by little in about 10 seconds. The face, the neck, the shoulders, the chest, the throat released the tension, and then she could have a normal conversation.

18463447-Typographical-print-of-Bad-News-with-angled-uppercase-text-expressing-failure-crisis-panic-fear-of-t-Stock-PhotoI can’t protect you from fear inducing influences, and neither can you.

So instead of trying to protect ourselves, we need to counter the effects with our own weapons, the weapons of releasing the tension, releasing the effects.

The Heaven on Earth is excellent, it is proven to work whether you know you have taken it or not. It works best when it is done consciously though…

I am still looking for a software developer to create mobile phone apps that when you press the button, it downloads the energy.

emotional shock absorber energyMy friend, had she had that, could have reached for her phone, and press the button a few times, and stay cool and collected instead of being shaken up.

That is the future of my work.

There is no sense in fighting the power that be… but there is a lot of sense in keeping you in power of your life and yourself.

Don’t you think?

I have released, finally, the Emotional Shock Absorber. You can get it for a song…

Get your Emotional Shock Absorber

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

6 thoughts on “Election year manipulation”

  1. This emotional shock absorber is like a deeper, saner breath of air. I didn’t know how much I needed it.

  2. This morning I ran the emotional shock absorber before I ran the big bundle and I felt the big bundle energy much stronger than usual. It felt as if the shock absorber cleared things out of the way for the big bundle to better reach me. Interesting!

  3. It is interesting. But it makes a lot of sense: the Emotional Shock Absorber relaxes your resistance, which in this context is like tilling the soil before planting. The Big Bundle can move out the stuff that doesn’t belong that much easier.

    Make sense?

  4. It does make sense.

    It was over an hour ago that I ran the Shock Absorber followed by the Big Bundle, and my body is still buzzing from the energy. I’m going to make this my regular morning routine!

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