What causes success?

cause-of-somethingWhen you have a success, when you have even had a successful life, people ask you what you attribute it to. What was responsible for your success.

They ask you so they can learn from you. 1

But… it is hard to know what was the duplicatable, repeatable step that made all the difference.

I have successful students and I have not so successful students.

Today, after my best article, ever, I looked and found that ALL the successful students started to get successful after they put the “there is nothing wrong here” spiritual practice in place.

All of them. And when they falter in their success, the thing, we find, they forgot to practice was the “there is nothing wrong here” practice.

But how do you DO it when everything seems wrong?

One of the culprit, when you fail at appreciating that “there is nothing wrong here” is comparison.

motivation-2Wrong always lives in comparison, in comparison to “right”.

But, of course, right is also a trap. The moment you declare that something is right, everything else has to be wrong, and there you have it, back to misery you go.

Where does the “right” come, by the way? There is no “right” in the present moment, there is only what is.

That doesn’t mean the future disappear. That doesn’t mean you are not working on a project that will take years to complete. That doesn’t mean you don’t plan. It only means, that being in that future is NOT right, and being where you are is NOT wrong.

I have long range projects, and it is very difficult to know if I am moving at all… For example the mites project: it is still NOT complete, not in the least, or at least I think so.

So what do I do when I find myself wondering if what I am doing makes a difference or not? I ask: “Am I still on track to succeed in this?”

If you can’t muscle test, then learn to. It is an invaluable tool for peace of mind.

One of the effects of picking something to be right, is that it almost never is right, not really.

A few years ago I wanted to be slimmer. That was a “right” for me, and, on the long haul, it turned out to be detrimental to my health: ultimately my legs lost their strength, and I have been struggling to walk ever since.

So, you see, you are not the only one who falls into traps.

The solution to “worldly” rights, rights that you pick to please other people, at the expense of your health, peace of mind, financial health, spiritual growth, is to pull back your power to yourself, and weaken your connection with people, the horizontal plane.

Easier said than done. On big step in that is withdrawing from Facebook and its negative influence on you.

If there is nothing wrong, then you don’t have to get thinner, you don’t have to make more money, you don’t have to do the things that you do to keep up with the Joneses.

Being healthy, being financially well, is a whole different ball game.

But when you do it for yourself, it is actually fun.

To be able to tell the difference whether you are on the “being liked and well thought of” wagon or not, the Harmonizer, or any version of the Avatar State audios are invaluable… they shake out the truth, so you can be true to yourself, finally.

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  1. kohinoor diamondMost of your teachers are guessing at the cause of success, and then teach it to you. No wonder you don’t succeed with their teaching! But, of course, most people have no idea what is important and what isn’t… for them everything is the same as everything else… except that not always.

    This is where mental acuity, seeing things for what they are, is mandatory… Unfortunately, mental acuity is as rare as the kohinoor diamond…

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