What will save you in this tanking economy: three moves anyone can learn


How to be the eye of the storm calm… Three moves you can learn and practice

Everything is moved by the invisible… where all the power is. Some are just one layer below the surface, some are deeper… but all the same, all changes, all movements, all phenomena comes from there, the invisible.

Do I see all the forces in the invisible that jerk on your chains? I don’t.

But be sure that your efforts to manage the visible, in reaction to what you see, is misdirected.

Let’s look at the economy in the wake of an election.

In the invisible, the goal of the “puppet-masters” is to create confusion, fear, so you act predictably panic stricken, to fish in troubled water, to force more control over you, etc. etc. etc. The stuff that “puppet masters” want.

Your panic stricken common man is causing the havoc in the economy. Billions of people acting consistent with their natures, reacting to fear and greed.

Much like the weather, it is beyond your control. Even in your micro environment.

As I said in another article, we are finding ourselves in a fear based economy. Fear based economy naturally causes things to spiral downwards. Things will get bad and then worse… but you can still be well…


History shows that in bad circumstances some perish, others thrive. In this article I’ll teach you how to be well… thriving may need some more that these three moves.

Do I claim control of the weather? Of the economy?

No, I don’t. I claim control of myself… and if you allow me, I’ll teach you a little bit in this article, so you don’t lose your head in the waves of fear and greed, but stay calm and act rationally when action is needed or possible.

How to be the eye of the storm, where nothing is moving?

What makes your personal storm move, and move you, is fear or greed. These are the two movement causing forces. If you can rein in these forces, then you can weather any storm with calm.

Am I teaching you how to make money in this article? No, but if you stay calm, and there is opportunity to make money, keep money, you will, or at least you’ll have a choice about it.

peace-it-does-not-mean-to-be-in-a-place-where-there-is-no-noise-quote-1This article teaches you three synergistic moves to make you calm in adversity, so you remain as intelligent as you can be.

Am I teaching you how to be more intelligent than you are? Know more than you do? Have skills that you don’t? No, but if you stay calm, you’ll be able to put your best foot forward, know what you know, and use the skills you have.

I am teaching you survival skills. The fittest that survives is the one who doesn’t panic.

Panic means reactive, reacting to fear. I am teaching you to not react to fear.

Some of you will learn and become winners. Most of you never learn anything, so you won’t learn this either.

It will require work, but it will be worth it. And there is still time, the “real” storm hasn’t quite begun, yet. But it’s coming.

If you start today, you’ll be ready.

OK, here are the three moves:

  1. Start proving to yourself that you are someone who can. Can do things you don’t like to do. Can bear things you don’t like to bear. Feel things you don’t like to feel. Say things you don’t like to say, hear things you don’t like to hear.Start proving yourself that no matter what the circumstances, you can deal with every single aspect of it.Put yourself under duress and come out winning. Do it daily, do it hourly. The more thoroughly you do it the more you’ll see yourself in a different light.Why this move is important? Because when the going gets tough the tough gets going. The weak, the squeamish, the choosy is left for the wolves. For fodder.

    Although successful people say it, they say that they dealt with adversities, hardship, losing, and that was one of the most important elements of their eventual success, they make it sound like you are born that way.

    You are not born that way. You become that way. If your childhood was tough, you’ll have an easier time with it. If your parents were protective, you’ll have to teach you from scratch.

  2. Practice looking at things the way they are, not in comparison.When you compare things the way they should be, ought to be, you put yourself in a reactive mode… and the job is to be in an non-reactive mode.Everything can be compared with everything else, but it is not a useful practice. When you compare, you are not looking at what is… and you are powerless when you don’t look at what you are dealing with.It is as dangerous as closing your eyes while you drive.

    The mantra is: “There is nothing wrong here. Things are the way they are, and it is neither wrong nor right. It is just the way it is.”

    Before I could learn that, myself, I had to go back in my history and do that first to my past. ‘My mother was the way my mother was, my father was the way my mother was, and they did to me what they did to me. It was neither good, nor bad, it was what it was.”

    It took me some time, but when I managed to say it an make it so, I was able to bring it to the present moment, and become calm and collected.

  3. Put all power in all actions. Enemy number 1 to that: Worry. Notice when you worry. When you worry, mentally you are not where you are, you are somewhere in the future. In fact you are multi-tasking. You do what you do half assed, and you probably do it poorly.Worry is useless. It gives you the illusion that you are preparing for all eventualities, but in fact it is both impossible and futile.Living in the future and neglecting the present is the fastest way to lose your livelihood.

    This “move” has two parts: Part 1: Notice that you are somewhere else, the past, the future, or on someone or something, other than what is the object of your action.

    Enemy number 2 to putting all power in all actions: The scoreboard. Instead of doing what you are doing, with all your faculties, you look at the scoreboard, and you do what you do poorly. You can’t do anything well, when your attention is on the scoreboard. Scoreboards are good: after the action… not during.

    Enemy number 3 to putting all power in all your actions: worry about how you look to others, or to another.

    Same principle applies as with the scoreboard. You can’t do anything well if your attention is not on what you are doing, but on how you look to another.

SailingIntoTheStormOK, these are the three principles, three moves, three spiritual practices that will help you be the eye of the storm, so it doesn’t effect you.

My energy activators and remedies can support you in your quest. They can calm you down, they can help you to return to the present moment, pay attention to what matters. Comment below if you want a recommendation. And if I don’t know you, get your vibrational reading… I won’t just connect to you if you merely comment…

When the storm is gone, these same moves will make you a winner. No doubt about that.

PS: If you are a Reclaim client, you can ask for a one-on-one voice session for 50% off. I know sometimes you need a more conversational type of help. Email me for a payment link.

PPS: You seem to have no control now where your attention is going. In the connection calls I ran years ago, I made you practice moving your attention at will. 90% of the people on the call succeeded, and was able to bring the new skill into their daily life.

I’ll check that those calls are still where I first posted them… the site crashed a lot of times since then. If I need to, I’ll repair that area of the site… I may need you to bug me… 🙂

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