Are your actions effective? Constructive? And if not, why?

instead of massive action, it is take effective actionsThis may be the most important article for you to read… Don’t complain that I didn’t warn you!

One of the things mainstream (all the gurus) get wrong is this: they consider you a constant in opportunities. Constant as in fixed… As if you were the same when you are afraid, and when you are confident…

You are not constant until you are on the vibrational level of above 900. How do I know? Because I can see the difference in me and in my ability to act constructively, even though I am above 900.

Let me explain: The YOU, the watcher, the Observer, the maker of decisions is not constant.

Even mainstream can see that, but they don’t know what changes when you go from putz, ineffective, flailing limp dick to someone who can take effective actions.

They think it has something to do with your beliefs. That if you implant a belief in you then you will see what to do, and you’ll know how to go about effective actions, including the seeing, the words, the strategy.

Or they may suggest that you have a blockage, and once it is removed, you’ll be an unstoppable champion.

Bull crap.

Beliefs have nothing to do with it. Blockages have little to do with it.

improve-effectiveness from-good-to-great- wong-classroom-management music-practiceHow do I know? I have tested it.

In fact, all my effective actions came in spite of the beliefs I was holding at the time. “It won’t work out! It’s hopeless! Why bother?!” screams the mind.

I don’t listen to the mind. EVER. My command to act comes from somewhere beyond the mind. And I follow that command, when I do, and the action is successful. Mind-boggling, isn’t it?

Now, let me map out what are the elements of the influencers of action or no action or effectiveness of action:

  1. As I said, if you listen to the mind, your actions are going to be ineffective. The mind is not looking forward, it is looking backwards. But any action that was successful in the past disregards the present, reality, and therefore it will be misdirected.To the detriment of you and your life, you live your life in this little circle of ineffectiveness, 99% of the time.
  2. Your emotions, or better said: your emotional state. You can be coherent, or you can be incoherent. Incoherent can be called stupid, if you will, so how effective are your actions going to be from that state… heh?
  3. Critical thinking: Do I know what is an effective course of action? Can I learn it from an expert? Example: learning music… I have two students that want to become professional musicians. Both are trying to do it without help, without structure, without even thinking: is this an effective action? What causes this? The mind thinks it knows everything…
  4. Your attitude: Attitude is a relationship. A relationship to life, a relationship to yourself, a relationship of what you want.Your attitude is, for the most part, 99% percent of the time, falls into two categories:
    • the attitude of a hapless infant… wanting, wishing, yearning, and the waiting for that desire to be fulfilled by an adult. Or a deity. Or by government. Just because you want it. This is so in love, money, health, work, everywhere. This same attitude is also what makes you lash out punishing everyone around you. Yelling, hitting, killing… The actions don’t come from power, they come from weakness.
    • the attitude of “if it is to be it is up to me”. Not up to someone else, not up to some authority, not up to some energy, some deity, some healer, some guru, some nice person… no, it is up to you.This attitude can be learned and can be practiced on any level of vibration.In the beginning it brings up lots of ugly about you. It brings up all the ways you are evil, a user, a manipulator, a victim, a putz, a hater, a hoper, a wisher. Ugly.If you can deal with the ugly, you can go beyond it. It will take all you got. 99% of you will shrink away, and that’s that.

    The one percent that can go beyond, needs the Unconditional Love activator to make the ugly just ugly… If there was no ugly within, there would be no ugly without.

    And you would not be on my site, would you now?

As you see, what I am saying is this:

if you want to change the without… your circumstances, you’ll need to change your within.

The religions and teachings that say that you are already perfect, rob you of that opportunity.

They say: You are a soul having a human experience…
They say: you are god
They say: you just have to believe that you are perfect, that you can, that you are smart, and all that other garden variety horse manure.

You are what you are. You are knee deep in horse manure. If and when you can wade through it, you can get to higher ground. If you are delusional, thinking you are on higher ground, you’ll slip on the manure and you’ll be covered with it as a result.

The choice is yours.

And just a warning:

only to the degree that you can face the ugly within, you can “wade” through and become an effective human, maybe even a human being.

Now, was this helpful? Probably not quite.

Why? Because what I said went straight into the mind, the same mind that is lying to you.

So, what can you do? What can I offer to assist you?

  1. Energies. As I said, your emotional state is a crucial element to decide whether you’ll take an effective action or not. I mean, whether the action you decide on is going to be an effective one, or just flailing.
    • The newest energy, the Emotional Shock Absorber is like a jolt of lightening, a moment of clarity, a moment of opportunity for clarity.
    • I am working on a “jolt of lightening” version of the Unconditional Love Activator, the energy bundle that removes the layers of muck between you and you, so you can see yourself as you are, and feel OK about yourself. It will be suitable for any level of vibration… I’ll announce here when it’s ready.

      I’ll need help to create a snazzy name for it, that expresses that it is the love and acceptance of the self by the Self… you and You. The love you could never get from your parents, your peers, your children, your spouse, because this love is unconditional… human love is very conditional.

  2. Programs: The specific program I once had for seeing the ugly in a safe environment was the Playground program. It was brilliant, but it was a failure: YOU didn’t want it. YOU didn’t sign up, didn’t do it. How stupid of you?The current program I have active is called Reclaim. It is not nearly as effective as the Playground was in driving up the ugly, because in the privacy of the conversation you are not prompted to look… But that is what I have now.Another shortcoming of the Reclaim program is this: unless you are up to something, unless you take imperfect actions, it will not really work for you.The actions can be in the area of health, relationships, work, passion… or any projects that you want to do.Most people are not clear enough, not strong enough, to take actions.If you stay in the “somebody please give it to me” attitude, the program won’t work for you.

    Will I restart the Playground? I love the playground. But it only works in groups of less than ten, and it is an enormous time commitment from me. Unless I get paid for it, no, I won’t. What does that mean? Unless I have 10 people each paying $20 per session, ten sessions upfront, I won’t even consider it.

    Is that expensive? If you look, that is probably the most affordable coaching you can consider, $200 for 10 weeks.

    Want a payment button? Email me. I’ll create a button if I get 10 emails. Chances of that? 0.01%

    Why? Because most of you are stuck in your “do it for me” attitude to life.


PS: In my own work, I have started, recently, to ask myself: is this an effective action? It turns out that 90% of what I do is NOT effective action, it is busy work with NO real benefit toward the goal: making a living, being well, living well, and making a difference.

It was a rude awakening, and it came none too early.

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