The Unbreakable, or Are You Stuck In Your Thinking And Can’t See A Solution?

the Unbreakable Energy The Unbreakable

Let me start with a little story

In one of the most memorable exercises of all time, the leader asks a person to volunteer. The person needs to be a "certifiable" klutz, aka clumsy person.

Inadvertently the person always turns out to be a woman with a Ph.D.

In the first part of the exercise or demonstration, the leader throws a tennis ball to the volunteer which she either catches by trying too hard, or trying too hard and yet dropping the ball.

Everyone can see that she is a klutz.

After a while the leader says that they are going to play a different game. This time the volunteer doesn't have to catch the ball. Instead they need to observe the ball and tell the leader which way the ball was spinning. To make the spin more visible, the leader takes out a think marker and blackens the seams of the tennis ball.

The volunteer agrees. The first ball falls on the podium while she is showing with her fingers which way the ball was spinning. The second ball falls on the podium and rolls into the corner. The volunteer walks there, picks it up, and throws it back to the leader.

The third ball is thrown, but the volunteer reaches for it with one hand, throws it back to the leader and with her hands now free, shows the leader which way the ball was spinning.

The fourth ball comes more forcefully. The volunteer reaches out with one hand, catches it, throws it back to the leader, and demonstrates which way the ball was spinning.

The fifth ball comes fast and far, but the volunteer steps in its direction, catches is with one hand and throws it back.

The audience that was holding their breath in this second part of the exercise starts to clap. The volunteer looks and doesn't understand what is the cause for clapping.

She never realized she caught the ball, there was no sign of clumsiness at all.

What happened? The leader explains that the world shifted from being incompetent in the arena of catching balls into the arena of competence being able to see the spin of the ball.

In the arena of competence everything is approached with competence.

I experienced this exact phenomenon this morning.

For the past 6 weeks me, my websites, and my place have been under siege. I will not go into detail: I'll just talk about the attack on the Energy Water.

The Energy Water is normal tap water driven through a 2-stage filter. When it comes out of the filter, its vibration varies between 80 and 100 on a scale of 1 to 1000.

Then I infuse it with the Energizer® which is an energy that changes the quantum properties of the water. You can muscle test it, its vibration rose to 650, but the touch and drink test are more valid: the water is silky and goes down so smoothly that it's a pleasure to drink.

The new properties of the water are transferable with entrainment: which simply means that if you put an un-energized water next to the Energized water, it will become the same over time: high vibration and silky.

The 2-3-4 times a day attacks by a well known Guruji 1 were reducing the water's energy to 300.

In the 16 years that I have had the Energy Water this never happened before this 6-week period. Never. I once had my luggage X-ray-ed and the X-ray destroyed the energy, but no other cases.

I have been bothered by this, for multiple reasons:

  1. I had to energize my own drinking water several times a day. Interestingly the attacks didn't effect the Heaven on Earth energies that I also infuse into the water: that is how I get MY remedy.
  2. Energizer inserts and energized gel-packs have to be energized just before the mailman picks them up so they arrive to the customers energized... after all that is what they paid for.
  3. Every time I wanted to drink, I had to test if the water was still silky
  4. I needed to worry about cloaking, which, it seems, was quite easy to break for our Guruji.

Today the second attack came at the exact time the mailman came by, so I had to re-energize the products I had ready to ship, and run after the mailman: I just caught him as he was getting into his truck. How did I know when the attack happened? When I am awake, I can feel the energy. When I am asleep: it wakes me up. When you work with energies you become very sensitive.

So, for the first time, I sat down, connected deeply, and asked the question: is there an energy that can do the same thing, silky, spin, vibration, but is unbreakable?

Hold your breath.... the answer was yes. It is called "Unbreakable" and I am testing it.

So far it's superior to the previous energy: the water came to 850: wow. I will tweak it: it is not silky enough. And I need to test if it really propagates with entrainment, and if it is really unbreakable... lol.

I have downloaded the energy into myself and it is very very very strong... I'll test it with my students and on the healing meditations. We'll find out what it does...

Now, why am I writing this article?

I actually had an agenda: I wanted to ask you to ponder with me what it is that makes someone trust a guru who goes out and tries to hurt people? It's like a doctor that has two jobs: day-job: healing, night-job: killing...

And the second agenda I had: how we are stuck in a track as far as asking Source for something.

It's taken me six weeks to think that there is another solution other than trying to protect myself and the water.

How long has it been that you've been asking for the same thing, trying to do the same thing, expecting a different result?


  1. of the Tr. Foundation

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

1 thought on “The Unbreakable, or Are You Stuck In Your Thinking And Can’t See A Solution?”

  1. A very long time it has been for me asking for the same thing, trying to do the same thing, expecting a different result!

    That is the definition of insanity if I am not mistaken, and it is the way of the pedestrian.

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