We all walk around with veils in front of our eyes.


Warning: this article is a little sloppy… in time I’ll clean it up. I just wanted to get it out. Enjoy.

We tend to see the same thing over and over. It is called: already always listening. Or sometimes it is called “a seeming”. And yet other times it is called prejudice.

Whether it is there or not doesn’t depend on your vibration. What depends on your vibration is what you are going to do about this information.

But your results in life depend on that… so ultimately, it is true, that the quality of your life will depend on your vibration.

How? Where? Why?

It is slightly different for every person, but we could say that your fixed way of seeing the world is responsible for 90% of what’s in your life. 10% is out of your control.

Where? In money. In relationships. In health. In spirituality. Everywhere.



Clothing islam





1213-veil-niqabBecause your actions don’t come from what you believe. They don’t come even from what you subconsciously believe. Your actions come from what you see. And if what you see remains the same, regardless of what is there… your life, of course, will remain the same.

So what you see is a veil.

What is a veil, really? It is cloth. It distorts, it is visible instead of what is behind it. Sometimes it seems totally solid, totally real, like a wall…

Veil is a symbol. The pictures I am using are symbolic, my words are more important this time than the pictures.

It is quite an art to lift the veil

It is quite an art to lift the veil. In spite of me practicing every day, and having practiced all my life, mostly you believe that what you see is what is there.

All my experiments have proven that it is NEVER what I see is what’s there… I still tend to behave as if I could see what’s there, without the art of lifting the veil.

My first experience with this was in 1985. Then I had a lifting the veil experience, on average, once a year.

In major areas, in major issues I am still ineffective in lifting the the veil.

When you succeed, it almost always comes from a pressure from the outside. A promise you made. A person in front of whom you don’t want to lose face.

Rarely does it come from the inside.

When it lifts, impossible becomes possible, stupid becomes smart, dark becomes light.

Let’s see, for a moment, what is this veil. There is also a why, but it is evolutionary and quite physical: the brain is needed for other tasks, so it creates a pattern… thus the veil… like caching previous content.

What is a seeming? It is another word for the veil

Seeming is not very complicated: if you can replace a fact you are sure about in a sentence, with the word “seems” or “seems to me”, you get to a seeming.

  • It seems that I can see things accurately.
  • It seems that I can’t [fill in the blank]. there should be a lot of I can’t seemings.
  • It seems that I have inherited the worst from both my parents
  • It seems that my brothers don’t care about me
  • It seems that this misery will never end
  • It seems that nobody likes me

I could write pages of this… these are all veils. I see them when I look at the world, at myself, at people.




When I consider that what I see is a seeming

And from time to time I consider that it’s a seeming, and keep staring at what I am looking at, and watch as what I see changes in front of me. Words, playing cards, signs, these are very visible. But meanings change too. And people change… Eerie and disturbing, while it is uplifting.

What is an already always listening?

This, the already always listening is quite similar in the results, in the effect of it to the veils or seemings, but the mechanism is different.

Here it is how you see and how you listen that creates the same world over and over.
Your questions, in essence.

  • I like it/I don’t like it
  • I agree/I don’t agree
  • She is nice/She is not nice
  • It is true/it is false

It is a noise that drowns out what is there, whether it is visual or verbal. It is what you bring to the picture, not what is there. And what you see is merely what you brought to it.

Most of us are used by both seemings and already always listening, concurrently.

Peeling off the already always listening allows for only the seeming to be there… and then you can do the magic, the art, of lifting the veil.

One technique I use a lot to lift the veil:

I ask the question, when the seeming is: impossible, or I can’t…

How can it be done? How could it be possible?

Warning: the veil won’t lift for the question: how can I go from broke to millionaire?

It only lifts the veil for the answers that are right in front of your eyes, but you can’t see them, because of the veil.

Some movie characters always survive, while others die. If you picked one who always survive, you’ll observe that their eyes are scanning the environment for clues of what would set them free, what would be a step that would save their asses. A tool, a sign, a normally ignored part of any environment.

PS: I had an interaction with a student today. I re-muscle tested her main decisions for a turning point in her life. All her decisions tested “no” for me.

Her decisions came from a view behind the veil. It seems that the veil can be taut and the picture of the world on it is projected from YOUR very eyes… repeating the past, ad nauseum.

Please be aware of this. If you are in Reclaim, I’ll muscle test decisions for you for free. If you are not, please pay me to test stuff for you. I am always glad to help.

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