The magic of a purpose larger than yourself, the magic of falling in step

drum circle... unites you with All-of-itOne of my defining experiences happened in 2003 in New York City.

I was invited to a huge drum circle. The experience of being part of something larger than yourself is the most inspiring “big picture” of your life, and if you can feel it, hear it, sense it, then it can be recalled and inspire till the rest of your days.

Here is a video that was shot in many places in the world, where the musicians played both locally and on the internet, making music, like a drum circle through the internet.

Most of us don’t feel part of anything. And especially not a valued part, an essential part, a creative part. Not your family, not your job, even if you are part of the team. You do your own thing, but the purpose larger than yourself stays hidden…

Most of us are physically there, but don’t experience the connection to something larger than ourselves, a community, a purpose, a fight, a run, a drum circle… we are alone, alienated, not fitting in, separate.

drum circleFind a drum circle. Go there and play. You don’t need a drum. You can have anything that can make rhythmic noise when shaken or hit. Fun. 1

If you are lucky as I have been, you’ll feel yourself falling in step with the Universe… and then every time you fall out of step, you’ll know it’s you. And when you know you can fall back in step.

You cannot become an individual, a human being until you experienced being part of something greater than yourself.

Being part of is not physical. Being there doesn’t mean you are connected. Both are an experience of an energetic phenomenon.

That is what connecting to Source really is.


“I urge you to please notice when you are happy, and exclaim or murmur or think at some point, ‘If this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is.’” ~ Kurt Vonnegut

When you train yourself through experiences to connect to something larger than yourself, you’ll be ready to create your bigger picture. But not until then…

PPS: if you don’t get misty eyed and awestruck by the video above: you are not there… yet

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  1. By the way, any music, singing, can work, but drum circle is the most effective in getting you experience falling in step. Of course you could be part of an army, but it’s harder to practice on weekends… lol

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