Soul Correction, Doing The ‘Work,’ And Other Mystical Stuff Answers The Questions: How Do You Get Hurt? How Do You Hurt Others?

the leopard can't change its spots
Soul Correction, Doing The ‘Work,’ And Other Mystical Stuff Answers The Questions: How Do You Get Hurt, How Do You Hurt Others?

One of the “archetypes” of false beliefs is ignoring past behavior.

I once had an employee. 50 years old woman, two children, in the midst of a divorce drama.

The story was that some 30 years earlier she was on her way to New York City on her daily commute by bus. A good-looking man approached him and they started to talk. By the time they got off the bus together she knew that unless he got married by the end of the day, he would have to go to prison to serve a long sentence for fraud.

By the end of the day they were married.

In the next 25 years he provided her with a good living and two beautiful daughters.

At that point he met this cult person, a beautiful woman, started a relationship, and left my employee for her. The cult was into some kind of fraud: I never quite understood what they did, but it had to do with jewelry and selling at flea markets: pretty much the thing our fraudster was an expert at.

He filed for divorce and left my employee without any kind of financial means or support.

My point is that my employee expected her husband to behave differently after they got married, than before, and differently with her than with others.

No such thing. How you do anything is how you do everything. You can pretend for a short time, but the real you will come out eventually.

This is what the fairy tales of Aesop and others try to teach; the scorpion or the fox, archetypes themselves, won’t change their spots… (I think originally it’s about the leopard and its spots… but you know what I mean, I hope.)

Soul correction is about your leopard spots. It’s about your fundamental relationship to life.

You constantly need to vigilant to catch the “spots” in any state of readiness to strike.

And if you are the other person, the partner: your job is to know yourself and know your partner.

you need to do your due diligence If you get hurt, it is your responsibility. Not like you should blame yourself: if you do, you will find that blaming yourself is one of your “spots.”

If you blame the other: then that is you “spot.”

If you blame life, human nature, then… you guessed it, that is your “spot.”

I can now predict how each student will react to adversity.

Some will come right away and express their grief and quit. Then, also predictably, come to their senses, and stay.

Some will withdraw and lick their wounds, or beat their pillows in a voodoo fashion, kill me in their mind a thousand times.

Some will ask for guidance which is more of the same: exploiting you, using your energy to feel better about themselves, but will NEVER do the work it takes to get well, or make amends or corrections.

Some will yell: bloody murder, thrash about so much that they will never see the point.

Some will chuckle and keep on stepping.

Some will not even notice. Some will pretend nothing happened. Some will have the good sense to pull back their attention to what they need to work on and let the storm blow through.

And the list goes on and on, as many as soul corrections.

You need to know yourself. You need to know how you react, you need to know your “spots.”

It’s not easy. It’s easier for others to see you. You can’t see the forest for the trees: meaning: you see the details but not the pattern.

I think I am ready to start coaching, regularly, people about their soul correction.

About what is the work you need to do so you can experience peace of mind, and a sense of accomplishment, a sense of “being at home” with yourself and the world.

Be on the lookout for the announcement. It will be a monthly or bi-weekly conference call…

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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6 thoughts on “Soul Correction, Doing The ‘Work,’ And Other Mystical Stuff Answers The Questions: How Do You Get Hurt? How Do You Hurt Others?”

  1. Here is a great little quote from another blog: “When people tell you who they are, believe them.” ~ Maya Angelou

    The lesson is LISTEN! A leopard doesn’t change its spots. Good or bad, people reveal themselves to us in all different ways. Their actions, words, silence, indifference, and deeds tell us everything we need to know about them. Sometimes the message is wonderful, and other times, it is disappointing. Either way, opening your eyes and more importantly, your ears, can save you from wasting time (perhaps years) and energy on the wrong people in your life.

    Choose wisely, their story is right in front of you…hear it and believe it. Spend your time and energy on the special people whose stories enhance your own.

  2. I was saying YAY!!! to
    “I think I am ready to start coaching, regularly, people about their soul correction”
    I was feeling like I needed help
    which you gave me shortly after I posted that
    I liked this article but noticed the fb LIKE option is not there anymore
    I appreciate the truth about people not changing their spots SiIly me, I thought that it would be different in a different situation with a different person (me) But of course I was wrong I guess I thought I was “special” so it would be different LOL
    This reminded me of the article you wrote about Werner Erhardt that talked to his employees before they got married and asked them what would break them up.and they knew That was a real eye opener for me and made me realize how true it is that we filter out that which doesn’t fit what we choose to believe

  3. that is a good point. But we all do this so then later we can get self-righteous about how we were deceived.

    I have been reflecting about the same thing regarding the “being bribed” issue we’ve been discussing in the membership area. How long I had to be out of integrity with my principle (I won’t do anything for money (or any benefit) that I would not do for free) and that the later I stand up for what is right for me the more people feel hurt.

  4. Thank you… what TRUTH!! Everything is always laid out for us and we only comprehend that which is soothing to us in most ways!! I love this and passed it on to many friends. To be fully awake is best for our highest good. You help us to get there.

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