An easy way to get to the big picture that can make your life worth living, regardless of the circumstances

the-meaning-of-your-lifeI am republishing this article… Because I am writing another article with a different approach about the same result… Being able to live a principle driven life… Principle can also be called “the big picture” of your life.

Gurus teach to look at life this way… but obviously even they don’t quite get it… The order of things is this: Being creates the kind and type of doing and the doing creates the having… If this didn’t make any sense, you are not alone… billions are in the same place of WTF does that mean?!

be – do – have

But getting it would make all the difference for you: suddenly finding constructive actions, actions that actually lead to what you want… And between you and me, that is not a small thing. I get lots of requests to muscle test for people if the actions they decided lead to self-growth, a better future, or not.

So, it is obviously not easy to see.

As any living thing, your first and main concern is you. What you have, how you feel, how safe you are, how happy you are.

Most people get stuck there: it is a “level of consciousness” thing… that is the level of consciousness where most people live. Really, 99.99% of humanity.

If you are stuck on this level, if everything is about you, you’ll have a tough time hearing what I have to say. But stay… you may not be hopelessly stuck. We’ll see…

OK, as I have said in many articles,
meaning-of-life1Unless the context of your life, the big picture of your life is larger than your needs, your emotions, your survival, what you have, and even what you do, you’ll never be happy.

But most people are in a fog about how to go about inventing a big, or even bigger picture that would nurture your soul, and get what you want … or at least an energetic environment where what you want is possible.

The “Big Picture” is an energetic phenomenon, created by your attitudes.

Now, I am only somewhat of an expert at that, even though I am the best expert I know. Why only “somewhat”? Because this is a very advanced topic, and because every person is different in what lights them up. So it is a very difficult and delicate job: lots of listening required from the expert. Listening to the soul, the heartbeat, the tiny nudgings that are easy to miss or misinterpret.

There are of course people who hold themselves as examples… most of them faked. Most of them are pretense. Most of them are memories only of something inspiring. Because maintaining the big picture takes work. It is not an event.

And then there are some real examples… not many, just some.

The Paint-by-numbers method to find your Big Picture:

In this article I’ll teach you one “paint by numbers” method to go for it… for seeing what COULD be the big picture.

The method is flawed, 1 but yet it is worth going through it, and going through it many times: every time you go through it you’ll see something more about yourself.

Because, as I said before, this is VERY personal.

Unless you fully resonate with the big picture, it is as good as decoration, but it won’t work to give your life meaning.

1377353_10151923264108658_192593722_nOK here is the method:

  1. Step 1: What do you want to have? You can pick anything. The only limitation you have: it has to be one thing… not a laundry list.Example: I want to have a joyful relationship with my mother. (I am using this example because a friend of mind is dealing with this issue right now.)
  2. Step 2: How is that “thing” right now? Tell the truth. Without the truth there is no chance you’ll see past where you are now. Example: My mother lives in a community that she doesn’t like. She feels like a shut-in. We talk several times a day. I see her a lot. But it’s become a strain on me and my life, and I am losing patience with my 94 year old mother. It is fun only some of the time.
  3. Step 3: What is your current attitude regarding the thing you want? Example: I wish she shaped up. I wish she liked the place. I wish she didn’t rely on me only for companionship. I am pissed, impatient, and angry at her.
  4. Step 4: What are the doings that would, maybe, get you what you want? Example: I could see her more often… I could hire someone as a companion for her… I could ask my sons to visit her…
  5. Step 5: Who would you have to be to have what you want, do what you have to do? Example: (this was my coaching to her…) She could be 100% responsible for how the relationship is going, for her attitude, and for her soul correction (shadow). In her case declaring that in a relationship the situation is tenuous at best, and it takes a lot of balancing, weed-pulling, to keep it working. It is work, but it pays dividends way beyond the amount of work it takes.

Now… in step 5 you may get to the Big Picture of your life… at least the gist of it. Or you may not. It takes skill and a relatively high consciousness to get to something that will work, at least in that one area.

If and when you repeat this process to every area of life, you’ll start to see what is keeping you where you are (low) and what is missing.

That missing, turned on its head, is likely an empowering big picture for your life.

For my friend: that is being 100% responsible for all of it… especially in the area of giving… because she is a 25 2 … giving till it hurts, but being pissed for having to give… always trying to wiggle free.

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  1. The method is flawed because you are left to your own devices. Left to your own devices you are stuck with what you already know, what you already see, and what you already pretend.
  2. 25 is the numerical number of the Soul Correction: Speak your Mind

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