One size does not fit all… or How do you know what spiritual practices to cultivate to get the most results?

One-hand-slapping-the-waterSome people want me to give them answers, give them a spiritual practice for growth, to raise their vibration, without allowing me to know anything much about them.

I am an empath, but that doesn’t mean I know your date of birth, or I know your education, your job, your aspirations, your ethnicity…

These are important, because one size doesn’t fit all.

The reason you get more from me than from buying a course, because I give you answers that are a perfect fit to who you are.

But of course the “egalitarian” culture of today… that we are all the same, needing the same food, the same way to exercise, the same thoughts, if you believe it, will mess with your mind.

We may have the same rights… but we are not the same.

We each have the right to demand respect, to ourselves, to our culture, to our beliefs. We have the right to receive respect… but it is not up to rights to actually get them.

shadow2We have the right to live where we want to, get the job we want to, to get the same pay as others for the exact same work, quality and quantity being the same, but it doesn’t mean anyone can be forced to give it to us.

And I mean age, gender, color, ethnicity… the things that are not personal about you.

For the most part, you come with a set of DNA that doesn’t mesh with certain jobs, with certain people, with certain neighborhoods, and that is a fact of life.

So please know your baggage, your DNA (mostly social DNA is what I mean, the societal values that are unique to your heritage) and be responsible for them.

Now, with that said, providing me with the information I need to give you something that does fit you like a glove is intelligent… and not everyone is intelligent. The egalitarian culture makes you all thoughtless. Some more thoughtless than others.


With regards to spiritual practices

With regards to spiritual practices, the most important information you can give me is your date of birth: I calculate your soul correction from that.

I started doing soul correction readings about five years ago. Knowing your soul correction combined with me feeling your emotions have been a good guidance… for most soul corrections.

Some are really tricky, and I am still struggling with making them make sense to me.

So what is it I am saying?


more often than not, your soul correction almost completely spells out your shadow side.

waxon-243x300A spiritual practice is designed from your shadow.

Greed, blocking energy, disconnecting, superiority, envy, jealousy, fear, shrinking, being judgmental, being pretentious, not wanting to be responsible, waiting to be given, being unrealistic, hoping… these are just a few of the soul-correction spelled out shadows that you will handle with your spiritual practice.

It takes me time and energy to give that to you, sometimes days. So I won’t give it to you if you just ask for your soul correction.

If you must, you can pay for it… I mean you can ask for a link to pay, AFTER you had your vibration measured, after I have your date of birth, and occasionally AFTER you had your attachments pulled. 1

Knowing what ails you, knowing what limits you is step one to be able to move to a life that works for you.

I pretty much don’t know anyone who can see themselves accurately.

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  1. By the way, I am getting a new wave of people who want their attachments pulled… most of them have the jumping infectious attachment placed on them by the Access Consciousness Bars practitioners…

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