what does spirituality have to do with the quality of your life? Part 1

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holographic-universe-mainMy method of growing myself, my method of growing what can be known for humans, is running conquering-new-territories campaigns into the unknown. 2

It is about leading scouting and conquering military campaigns into the unknown and unknowable, and I do it on my Sunday morning calls… the one I have been having for 8 years now. Every Sunday.

Some calls are huge campaigns, today’s was like that, and most calls are maintenance, cleaning up, clarifying… All needed for a coherent view.

In today’s call, the conversation was about the question: what does spirituality have to do with the quality of your life??

What jump-started the conversation is this quote: (thank you Alex)

For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong

As it turns out, when I ask what spirituality is, your first thought goes to religion.

But spirituality is a lot simpler than that: spirituality is about accessing the beyond.

In the language of the Holographic Universe, All-of-it has two parts:

the known, the visible, audible, sense-able part. In the language of the holographic universe, it is the part that has unfolded. And the unknown and unknowable.

crumpled-bed-sheet_photoIf you imagine the Universe as a bed-sheet rumpled, folded, the part that has unfolded is the part where the face of the bed sheet is facing outward.

We all know that the whole sheet has a face, but we consider that the world, everything that is important, is in the part that is actually visible to us.

And then we make allowances for some deity, spirits, angels, or maybe extraterrestrials have some influence. They definitely live inside the folded in part of the Universe… so we can just guess, pray for it, manipulate it, but all-in-all, we are on our own, and we can just hope that it will all work out.

Religion and other world views are our attempt to find some way to explain the unexplainable, the tragedies, the weather, the flow of money… What doesn’t make sense looking backwards. What doesn’t follow a schedule, what we observe, maybe, but can’t fathom, can’t make repeat… outside of science of the day.

Structured Grunge

holographic-universe david-bohm-thinking davidbohm David-Bohm-Enfoldment-Universe-microcosm david-bohm-the-grand-unification-theory-1344674914_bBut, from time to time, some people produce some miraculous results…

Now, what did the person do, that the miraculous result happened?

There must be a cause-and-effect, because we cannot even think outside of that. Was there a cause and if there was: what was it? Can somebody else do it, or the “miracle-maker” was special?

This is a perfect setup for the quote… here it is again: For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong

EVERYTHING that is taught today is the simple, clear, and wrong variety.

Religion, prayer, positive thinking, image boards, visualization, law of attraction, affirmations, meditation, are all answers to the same question, and they are simple clear, and wrong.

By the way, the same is happening in the area of health and healing… all the answers to the complex questions are clear, simple, and wrong.

But this article is about accomplishments: money, love, health, or anything else you want to have.

You found my site because you wanted something that works, and you hoped that this no b.s. person, Sophie, will give it to you… after all no one else has… or you wouldn’t be here… you would hang out with them.

This Sophie is me, and you were right: I can give it to you. But, unfortunately, the not so simple, not so clear answer is a lot like steak… unless you have teeth to chew it, it will not nourish you.

What do I mean when I say “teeth to chew?”

The way you make it impossible for your life to work is by blocking the flow.

With your beingness.

Unfortunately no doing effects beingness… The only way I know to effect beingness is to alter your beingness from tight, forceful, resistant, to allowing, accepting, being in the flow.

There is a methodology, but it is only the doing part.

The first step is clearing. Clearing is a conversation. Clearing is telling the truth about how it is. Without lying, without exaggerating, without blaming, without making anything or anyone wrong. And with the willingness to be responsible for whatever you can be responsible: your actions, your words, your attitude, your beingness.

But I have performed this conversation with thousands of people, and only a fragment of them were able to shift their beingness with it.

Why? Because of pretense. Because of wanting to look good, wanting to be right, wanting to avoid responsibility, wanting to avoid domination.

You either have flow, or you can have looking good, being right, etc.

Flow is incompatible with the second part of the sentence.

Your whole life has been about looking good, being well thought of, being right, etc. Really, all of you. And you have never allowed yourself to look bad, be stupid, be wrong, be the one to blame… it is not very available on the low vibrational level where you are.

So, how do you get to a higher level of vibration, a higher level of consciousness, so you can create beingness at will, shift your beingness, stop blocking flow?

The method is simple: Engage with your soul correction. Your soul correction is hard for YOU to see, even seeing it raises your vibration.

Then daily, hourly, ongoingly catch your action counter with flow, inside your soul correction, and correct it. Not fix it, correct it.

The soul correction is a specific way your Dark Side is running your life.

Most things that are invisible (not folded out yet) require a lot of patience and a lot of looking.

If and when you can catch a glimpse, you have the opportunity to unfold the whole, and start to work on it, from that point on.

It is not a public work… you do it in the privacy of your own self…

The more you do it, the more you can catch, the higher your vibration is going to be.

And then, at a certain point, you’ll notice that you have some power with your beingness… that you can actually tell the truth, take responsibility, and clear yourself from being the blockage.

By the way, no one can do it for you. I know many promise, but they are lying. It is impossible, because that is not the nature of reality.

You can’t alter beingness with energy… you can only alter beingness with beingness…

And if you are one of those that have evolved pretending to an art form: as long as you pretend anything, this is NOT available to you, at all. Sorry to burst your bubble.

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  1. I am using military language here, given that I have been reading Genghis Khan stuff for months...
  2. I am using military language here, given that I have been reading Genghis Khan stuff for months…

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

9 thoughts on “what does spirituality have to do with the quality of your life? Part 1”

  1. Sophie, I need clarification when you say “If and when you can catch a glimpse, you have the opportunity to unfold the whole, and start to work on it, from that point on.” what do you mean by unfold the whole and start to work on it?

    So lets say I saw that there is a hate toward someone and I try to pretend like I care. So I face it and admit that, ok I am hateful and I hate so and so… do I need to find the origin of that hate?

    How do I work on it from that point on? Does it mean every time I have that feeling I catch it and admit it?

    Fixing would mean to try to stop the ugly so what would correcting mean? If I catch that I am unloving, uncaring, hateful… do I allow my self to be that and how do I correct it?. Thank you.

  2. This is an excellent question, and I am sure a lot of people will want to hear the answer.

    I will use your example: hate.

    Hate is the ultimate of non-acceptance. It is a stance you take when you are unwilling to see anything in common with the other, when you say: that is not me.

    What is lacking is the willingness to see the other as a person.

    What I normally do when I have hate is bring compassion to it.

    Compassion is when you see that if you were the same gender, the same exact age, had the same parents, the same life experiences, the same education, then you would do exactly what the other is doing, have the same attitude, the same thoughts… exactly.

    Bringing that compassion to hate, it becomes warm and fuzzy… understanding, sympathy, maybe even love.

    And specifically for you: superiority melts away the same way if you bring compassion to it.

  3. Thank you Sophie. I’ve been practicing that and it sure does give that warm feeling toward that person.

    Here is something I experienced today and I can’t identify it. I am going back for three days to the town I lived and worked at. I texted all my regular clients who keep in touch with me. One client has been my regular and we had build good friendship, she even cried when I was leaving. So I texted her husband letting him know I am coming to town so they can book massages. He booked a massage with me but said that his wife already booked a massage with someone else. I got this choking feeling that started in my stomach going up to the chest. Still have it as I write this since it just happened. I guess I guess my thinking is that she still has a week to cancel that massage and get a massage from me. I dont know why would I get emotional about it? I dont know if its feeling like she really didn’t care about me that much in a first place and just pretended. I want to see the ugly… Thank you.

  4. I think you feel hurt. And disappointed.
    You thought that crying meant she would be faithful.
    You had an expectation and you got hurt.
    You didn’t think that expecting what you think was certain can be harmful, but expecting anything is the mother of disappointment.
    Forgive them, and move on.

  5. I see it. It is expectation. I experienced same emotion when I moved here and it was not what I expected and I can see in other things at other times. I need to learn not to expect anything, what ever happens that’s how it is and move on. It will take some skill and practice. When I think about it I experience that feeling when watching Truman Show…here I am standing infront of a closed door of an unknown. Only brave will open. Thank you.

  6. If anyone can do it, you can do it. I know you and I KNOW you can, given past history. So I don’t EXPECT you to do it, you’ll do what you do, but I KNOW you can do it.

    It is a little bit different from how you write: it is like this: “I am the author of my life. Am I willing to give up my happiness for something that cannot be expected, and then be miserable?” and then look. Sometimes you will want to be miserable… lol… but for the most part, it makes a lot of sense to choose to NOT go down the path of misery.

    I am sure you have similar issues with family… everyone does. Only when I decided that they will be how they will be, not how they are supposed to be, that I could start to have good relationships with them… I mean MY family.

    I still fall into the trap, from time to time, for about 2 minutes each time: our relationship is entirely up to me, if I call: we talk. If I don’t call: we don’t talk.

    When I call, they love it… but it doesn’t mean they will call ME… And when I can make this OK with myself, then I can love them.

    This is really the key to good relationships.

  7. One more thing: when I say “relationship” I mean everybody. When I invented, 30 years ago, that bar owners are supposed to be assholes, I hit gold: people will disappoint you if you have expectations. customers, clients, friends, providers, partners, landlords, neighbors, everybody.

    I don’t know if you remember the woman from Canada: she used this to feel superior to everyone, because people NEVER FIT HER STANDARDS AND IDEALS of how they should be, how they are supposed to be. And she never gave it up, and when I connect to her today, her vibration is 140… it kills you and your spirit.

  8. Sophie, after I spent few days digesting and reading over and over your comments I began to see something. I never thought of it that MOST of my misery comes from expectation. We expect people to be nice, caring, hard working, have some integrity, tell us some truth, teach us something useful, be honest, love us….but they are not going to and then disappointment comes.

    I can see now what it means, maybe partially, when you say “If it’s to be it’s up to me”. It’s up to me to be caring, compassionate, have integrity…. without expecting it from others, but creating life I want myself for myself. When we take the focus from ourselves and shift on others, thinking how they should be and what they should do, we lose. I am going to start practicing it.

  9. excellent… now, although this is really a big step, try to see that all expectation is the source of disappointment, including and especially you expecting yourself to be different, do different, have different… so please extend this to yourself.

    Then extend it to the economy, government, dark side, life in general, weather, traffic…. to everything.

    Then you’ll be actually living from an elevation that very few people ever live on.

    If any of my students can do it, you can. You have very constructive habits that will get you there.

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