spirituality and machines… The Computer Story

Yesterday my computer started to misbehave.

It shut down without an error message, without the dreaded blue screen.

I went online and researched the potential causes for it.

I have three computers, but this is my newest, and the one I do webinars on, the one I coach on skype, and I have a call already paid for this afternoon… so it was important to make the computer work.

I started with the hardware, the physical parts of the computer, and no matter what part I changed or disconnected, the error, the computer shutting down, persisted.

I was afraid, I was anxious.

computer-troubleI didn’t want the hassle of having to buy another computer, and install the millions of pieces of software I use.

But I found a refurbished pc online, and I settled into the unavoidable reality: I need a new computer if I want to make money. OK. I can live with that.

The next thing I know I asked a different question: is it possible that I am having a software problem? And lo and behold, my Windows software was damaged. It took me 90 minutes, but the computer now works as new.

Now, what happened?

My worry, my resistance, my eagerness to fix, all these ways of being were blocking the flow.

The flow of what? Of me being able to find the solution.

For software to go bad… it is easy and frequent. Normal. But to find the problem and restore wellness, financial, computer, relationship, health… that is anything but normal.

What we, humans, do is fixing.

What gives fixing as an idea, is the beingness that “there is something wrong here.” So we do and do and do… but restore never happens… restore can only happen from the beingness that “there is nothing wrong here”.

Here is the link to the main article… on spirituality and your life

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

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