what does spirituality have to do with the quality of your life? The Money Story

moneySix days before the rent was due I had no hopes that I’d have the money for rent…

In a conversation with Sarah, the woman who drives me to do my grocery shopping, and accepted the fact that the rent wasn’t going to get paid.

The rent money came in without me having to do anything special.

Once the rent was paid, I still had bills to pay, credit card, utilities, and it didn’t look good.

I sat down and looked at what are my fixed expenses, the minimum I must have to make ends meet, and stay well.

moneyblocksI decided to try to create a fiverr-type gig: to provide a service to other website owners, a service that I can provide when I need some money, or turn off when I don’t.

I watched 21 videos that explained how to do it. I set up the account on the website. And…

And then, like magic, the money started to flow in in my “real” business.

What happened?

As long as you NEED your business to work, you are tight, tense, and stop breathing.

New-Level-Old-Devil-Recurring-Money-Block.001The moment I accepted that my main business may not be able to produce the amount of money I need to make ends meet; the moment I was honestly setting myself up to have an additional source of income, I stopped being the person who was blocking the flow…


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