How to take an active role in raising your vibration: the process

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do something today that your future self will thank you forLet me repeat the process that will begin your active role in raising your vibration, that will begin your process of becoming a Human Being.

If you are offended that I say that you are not a human being, please give it up. Beingness is not available fully on the level humanity is existing, and if you live in the United States, you are even less likely to be on the level than people who live in countries where pretentious living is not the norm.

With that said, let’s see, again, what is the process. What is triggering this article, is the response I am getting to the article: no understanding, none whatsoever.

Now, the process is simple. It is not easy, but at least it is simple.

  • Step 1: What do you want to accomplish?

    You look at yourself, you look at your life, and you see where you are, you see what you have, and you decide what you want to have. Some result…

    you can do a lot more than you think you canYou want to consider that you are not even in kindergarten, so aim low. Aim for something that you can actually see that by some behavioral changes you could get.

    For me it could be something easy, like increase my facebook page activity… likes, shares, comments.

    Or get people who visit rarely to visit my site more often.

    I know how to do it, I have known how to do it forever, but I have never truly gone for it.

    Pay attention! I picked something I know how to do! I didn’t pick something that it would take months and 100 videos to learn! I picked something that just changing who I am being, my attitude, will be visible… We are going to becoming here, not doing more, better, or different.

  • Step 2: Once you are clear on what you want to accomplish, ask the question: Who am I being about that right now, so I don’t have the results I want?

    In my case, I am reluctant to deal with people who are on facebook, in spite of the fact that some of those people could become students or clients. I have lots of excellent students who are also on facebook… But I have been stuck in my dislike of facebook, stuck in my opinion.

    I am also resistant. I don’t want to do the work it takes… Why? who cares.

    Your job is to see clearly that your current attitude is preventing you from moving forward, from changing, from changing your behavior.

  • winbegin

  • Step 3: Ask the question: Who would I need to be (become) to have the result I want?
    • The answer to that question is mostly one word. Words like patient, compassionate, allowing, ambitious, energetic, focused, etc.
    • The other type of answer is like this: I would need to become someone who keeps their word. I would need to become someone who asks the question: is this really important to me? I would need to become someone who prefers winning to the status quo.
    • The third type of answer is tricky: look at the project or result and consider it done. With it done, something opens up for you or for the world, that is a beingness. Something that is available now that your project is done. Joy, lightness, fulfillment, courage… etc. Consider being already that… and use that as the beingness that’s missing.

    seems-impossibleAll three answers indicate a beingness.

    In my case, the beingness that is missing is directly related to my soulcorrection: “I already know” So one beingness that could help me over the hump is “curiosity”. Being curious… being curious how people are, how receptive they are of what I have to say… and catch the opposite: my prejudice and let it go.

  • Step 4: Try on the beingness. The first thing you’ll experience is all the ways you are NOT being that way. It is an indication that you took your word seriously.

    If you are already that way… go back to step 3 and find a beingness that is a challenge. You know it’s a challenge because you’ll see all the ways you aren’t that way.

    Keep on practicing, keep on attempting to be that way. See aspects of that being that you hadn’t considered.

    Take it as far as you can.

    Don’t forget that you invented the beingness so you can have something that you want.

If it doesn’t help, go back to Step 3. You misjudged what beingness it takes to have that result.

This process takes skills. Your biggest obstacle is actually seeing how you are being right now… you’ll want to lie, or try to fix it.

That torpedoes the whole process…

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