Vibrational reviews Abdy Electriciteh, Val Tignini, and Mohammad Eshtehar

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Vibrational reviews Abdy Electriciteh, Val Tignini, and Mohammad Eshtehar

Most of the reviews were written at students’ and clients’ request.

Here is one:

“How interesting that my vibration is so low. I have been working with Abdy Electriciteh , Val Tignini, and Mohammad Eshtehar.? I have had wonderful experiences with them and the energy is strong.
I have had dreams most of my life that tell me messages. So now…. very confusing!!!”

The client’s vibration is 100. So let’s see what is her “gurus” doing in the area of vibration.

Remember: vibration is the degree to which you are growing in the direction the DNA gives you… towards the next evolutionary phase: human being.

Dreams and experiences probably mean: you are decorating your cave… not moving out of it.

  • Abdy ElectricitehAbdy Electriciteh. His site says: Who Is AbdyAbdy has an ancient, indescribable gift which allows people to attune to the vibration they need to receive for themselves.

    The result is to be harmonized with one’s own soul. When the mind is harmonized with the soul, it is aligned in its own path and aligned in universal harmony.

    “There is no name for what you receive.” Abdy

    He has hourly energy transmissions.

    Abdy’s personal vibration: 130. He transmit energy that its vibration is 130. He places no attachment on you, thank god. Does he connect to anything? no. Just stirs the pot.

  • Val TigniniVal Tignini. She is a pretty girl following the footsteps of Teal Scott aka Teal Swan.

    from her site:

    PRIVATE Source Energy SESSIONS:
    During private sessions, Val works with the same energy that she does with groups settings.
    Source Energy is used so that one can connect to their Soul. This energy advances Healers, Psychics, Yogis, and those who wish to deepen their meditation.
    Through this one can experience;

    * Physical Healing
    * Mental Healing
    * Releasing of patterns and blocks
    * Heart Opening
    * Pain-body releases
    * Inner peace
    * Communications from divine beings

    Val Tignini personal vibration: 80.

  • mohammad-eshteharMohammad Eshtehar
    On his website:

    Mohammad Eshtehar was born on September 20th, 1976. As a child he did not relate to society and cultural ways. He went through many difficult experiences that take people many different life times to go through. This led him to a simple request from The Source.

    “For humanity to see the true self he knew was always within him, and to simply express his essence.”

    Within 3 weeks after this request, he had a tremendous awakening. The realization of the knowing that you are always connected to The Source and that it is guiding you at all times.

    Mohammad started to feel the presence of The Source all around him, and through others he realized that The Source spoke to him. People described seeing his body as being made of light, celestial beings surrounding him, and colours coming from his hands.

    Nine months after this awakening, he realized that he had the ability to connect one’s soul to The Source. At that moment he knew that this was a calling to be in service to humanity, assisting their awakening and encouraging their continued evolution, transformation and change.

    Mohammad is here to show that you are your own teacher and master. It is time for humanity to go inwards and remember that, deep within, they are always connected to The Source.

    Mohammad personal vibration: 100. Truth value of the above, and all of his teachings: 1%. That means 99% falsehood.

If you are attracted to these people, your vibration is probably as low as the client’s above: around 100… attracted to experiences, anything to avoid the work of being a decent person, an growing person, etc… you are acting counter to soul, counter to DNA… and I can’t help you.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

6 thoughts on “Vibrational reviews Abdy Electriciteh, Val Tignini, and Mohammad Eshtehar”

  1. Abdy: Sunday, March 20, 2016: I was at the Goodwood Community Park in Ontario. There were nearly 80+ people. The session was from 2 PM to 4 PM. I went there wanting to know what this energy stuff is and what the experience is.

    Mohammad Eshtehar: There was one guy called Mohammed. I checked online and he looks like the same person who worked with Abdy at the Goodwood centre on March 20, 2016. In my case, Abdy was in front and Mohammed was the one who was at the back.

    It seems as if I was the only person who did not have any kind of experience with his energy stuff. Nothing happened to me. Abdy tried to work his energy on me three times. I saw people shivering, shrivel, shaking, singing etc. But hey, I was lying there wide awake and looking on both sides and wondering what these people were doing and why nothing is happening to me. I tried to self-induce myself into that state and again, nothing happened.

    Later on when I asked him, he mentioned that it was because of the controlling energy I was releasing and that it was not a bad thing.

    I don’t want to make any positive or negative comments just because the so called energy did not work for me.

    I am of East Indian origin. Maybe that was the reason why both (Abdy & Mohammed) did not have any effect on me. Having been exposed to the eastern religions and philosophies, I have a great deal of disagreements with Abdy philosophies which I was listening to later towards the end of the session.
    I think what he is delivering maybe effective on the Christian folks (Please No, I am not getting into a religious debate here). Maybe I should look for an Indian Guru in the caves of Himalayas to give me a powerful jolt.

    Valeria Tignini: I don’t know anything about this person except youtube videos. She claims to have gotten her Kundalini energy raised by Abdy. It is not clear on what is what that she is talking about. If raised, then to what Chakra was it raised? Most probably she doesn’t even know what Kundalini energy is all about. Abdy doesn’t make any claims associated with Kundalini energy. So, what is she claiming?

    The ones who raised the Kundalini energy to its highest level won’t be yapping off over the internet. It is my understanding that the first step is to let go off the ego then only something may happen to you in terms of raising the kundalini. So, I don’t trust any of the internet yappers.
    If it is about Kundalini, read the book KUNDALINI YOGA By SRI SWAMI SIVANANDA. Roughly 130 pages long. Don’t think that you can raise your kundalini by reading this book. It is the science behind it.

    You may find an online pdf copy of this book. If you want to read the html version, it is here:

  2. I had a private session with Val and it was just waste of money and time – there is no words to describe how angry I am. I had three sessions, I did not feel anything during the session or after the session. I wonder what she does.

  3. Frankly I think it’s all a bunch of BS. I’ve been to Abdy sessions, didnt feel a thing. All these people falling over just because that’s what Abdy leads them to do. A bit like the emperors new clothes… nothing There.

  4. when you say that someone’s personal vibration is 100, 130, etc, what kind of scale is that on? And what is a good vibration for a guru?

  5. vibration is measured on a logarithmic scale, zero to one thousand. There is no set vibration for a guru, because guru simply means ‘teacher’

    But for the kinds of gurus we are looking at in this article, they would have to be above 530 on that scale to be truthful.

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