Vibration is like fitness: if what you are doing is not painful, it will not raise your vibration

nopain-nogainEverybody is looking for the easy, take a pill type of solution to life’s issues: fitness, relationships, money, raising your vibration.

One of my students has been coming back to the same article, over and over again, several times a day, because to him it seems like an instant, pop a pill type of solution to raising your vibration.

The truth is that pop a pill type of solutions either don’t work, or work counter to your intention.

Fitness is the easiest to see because it is visible… the others: it isn’t quite obvious

If you take a pill… you’ll not get fit. If it works and you lose weight, it probably caused damage, just ask me. I won’t say it publicly, but I did that and it has caused probably irreparable damage… I am still working to repair it.

So what raises the level of your fitness? Movement. Weights. Endurance increasing regimen. Strength building. Painful.

If you work with weights that are too small, if you do too few repetitions, you won’t get fit.

Fit includes strength and endurance. You won’t get that from anything that is easy… you get it from painful workouts.

The same is true for other things that you want to increase: no pain, no gain. I hate sounding like my mother… but if in nothing else, she was right in this. Did she follow her own teaching? No, not at all… she was like most gurus today… lol.

So, what am I saying? That raising your vibration is painful?

Yeah, that’s exactly what I am saying.

fitness-2You see, most people are on the vibrational level of pretense. Pretending that they are better than they are. That they are ok, that they are smart, that they have made it, that they have it together.

As they used to say in the “old” Landmark Forum: “yeah, you do have your shit together. That is exactly what you have together: your shit…” lol. I used to laugh every time I heard it, because the picture is so visual: you holding a lot of shit together by hugging it… ugh. lol.

If you listen to an audio, energies, take energy remedies, go to a healer, even do meditation… all it does is make it easier to be where you are… feel a little better about the low level where you are.

But it does not raise your vibration!

So what does?

I have just started a new series, inspired by Vishen Lakhiani’s free webinar I dutifully listened to yesterday. It is a free segment of his course, Becoming Limitless, or something like that.

The exercise he makes you do rather poorly, is the resentment exercise I teach, correctly, in my resentment article.

So what are the painful things you have to do to raise your vibration?

Truly forgiving someone is very painful… after all your whole identity is held together in that resentment, you are your anger! Giving it up is risking falling apart, becoming someone who you don’t know.

The EGO doesn’t like it, and causes pain so you stop.

The ego wants you to be safe, to stay the same, to never change. And the ego has tools and energy: you have to become stronger than the ego to even do that exercise.

If you have been raised with the notion that being egoless, unselfish, it will be impossible for you to beat the ego, and forgive someone. I mean it! I have students that have done everything else, but have NEVER forgave the perpetrator that beat them, stole their birthday gift, or told them which school to go.

So they are stuck at a vibrational level that is nothing to write home about.

the battle with the egoAll exercises to raise your vibration involve a battle with your ego.

With every win you become stronger. With every loss you become weaker. And with every “never mind” you have lost the war, not just the battle.

Why start with forgiving? Because the iceberg that you are is standing on an incident of hurt. And unless you release that hurt, unless you forgive the perpetrator, it doesn’t matter what else you do.

You may have a hundred incidents, but forgiving the ones that you have that are current won’t make a dent. You have to go through all of them, possibly, to get to the “cornerstone” of your being, the original hurt.

It may have happened so early in your life that you didn’t have words yet, the stage called preverbal. It takes work to get to it, and it hurts, every step of the way.

It took me till I was 41 years old to be able to go back to a memory that was just above the crucial earliest hurt. And only when I could release that memory, that I could go back to the earliest one… that was actually finally got the whole revers pyramid to collapse.

You can spend a lifetime just doing this exercise alone, and raise your vibration, steadily, as a result.

Guidance, supportive energies, of course, will keep you on track, because, as I said, it is painful and it is hard.

But you can do it, and you should do it.

Instead of staying this selfish little clod of ailments and grievances the hallmark of low vibration.

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