More on fitness and vibration… using my own example

stepperYou may need to do a lot of preparation work before you can start doing the work in earnest

As I said, raising your vibration is like fitness. 1

Vibration is like fitness: no matter your ethnicity, no matter your starting point, you can raise it.

In this article I will share my fitness story, and we’ll see if I have something to teach you with that… lol.

Ok my fitness story: I am, genetically predisposed to be weak in body and strong in intellect.

As with everything, I refused to obey the weaknesses: I did sports: the kind of sports that didn’t require me to run, or throw something. Why not those? Because I have physical limitations from birth or from abuse: I don’t know and I don’t care.

So I was a swimmer, I payed table tennis, I was a gymnast (uneven bars) competitively.

When is was in university, I walked for hours; I didn’t have time to compete.

I was still relatively fit till I got myself a car…

Then I did the “pill popping” thing I mention in my previous article, and it seemed that fitness was over for me: even climbing the one flight 2 made me hurt so much, I had to sit down.

This past spring I asked Source if I could live in Italy or France. I have been craving seeing more.

The answer was yes/no… the reason for the no is that I can’t walk without pain.

OK, now, listen up! My whole father’s side of the family has pain in the legs and the hips from walking. But my father walked every day till the day he died at 80… and if he could do it, you can bet your sweet ass I can do it… lol.

So I started to walk. I have been walking every day since June.

And this week I have started to use my stair stepper: Tony Little Rock and roll stepper that I bought on Amazon, used, October 25, 2013, two years ago.

I didn’t use it all those years, because I needed to build up to using it.

I am ready, and I have been using since Tuesday.

Today I decided to connect drinking tea and using the stepper.

Every time I make tea for myself, I set it to brew, I set the kitchen timer, and go and step on the stepper, until I hurt… a lot. I did it six times yesterday. Six cups of tea, six times I stepped on the stepper. Today I have already done three times. Building strength, building stamina, 90 seconds at a time. This is not the first time: when I used to work in offices, 30+ years ago, I used to use the bathroom of another floor to force myself to run up and down every time… and it worked then, I know it will work now. 30-60 steps 10 times a day… easy peasy… just a little painful.

It is 90 seconds now… It used to be 20 seconds… so I am getting fitter.

Now, what am I trying to say?

A few things:

  1. you have to build up to everything for it to go well.A friend of mine keeps on buying programs that he isn’t ready for… investing, and other stuff… and tries to do it… and is surprised that he isn’t successful at it.Most everything is like running a Marathon: you need to build up to it.In the area of raising your vibration, you need to train yourself for integrity, for directing your attention, for stepping back… before you can hope to do the hard stuff.
  2. You have to create a habit. Connect your new habit to an old habit… commit to it.I used to have a teacher who claimed that he could only watch TV if she was on the treadmill… and she was whisper thin…DIY-Treadmill-DeskA writer in a novel I read (Reamde by Neal Stephenson, one of my favorite books) worked on a treadmill desk…I used to connect to source ever time I went to the bathroom. Now that I am connected all day, I download energies every time I fill a pitcher… which is about four-five times a day… just to stay in practice.
  3. You have to be willing to hurt. If you avoid pain you’ll never grow.
  4. You need to pick the right “exercises” or the right “practice” otherwise you are wasting your time, wasting your life.Most meditation that is being taught is useless. Most programs are just stirring the shit. Others, although they have a good grips on what to do, become a cult or a church (Scientology) or leave the teaching to volunteers who themselves never completely did the work (Landmark Education) and do the teaching to avoid having to do their own work.The scene of transformational work, healing work, energy work, spiritual work is pitiful… lies, shortcuts, pretense, and ineffectiveness. If you read my vibrational reviews, you see what I mean.Even the best have stopped growing… once they started teaching. Then they started sinking…

OK, I can’t think of anything else to day.

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  1. Your IQ, as in intelligence, is also like fitness. The difference is that you can raise your fitness in one lifetime, but you cannot raise your intelligence in one lifetime.

    Certain ethnic groups have been focusing on intelligence, understanding, mostly.

    Other ethnic groups focus on fitness, speed, endurance, strength.

    And yet other ethnic groups focus on survival, easy life.

  2. I live on the second floor

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