The lesson of Doctor Who for those who want to raise their vibration

Doctor-Who-CollageI published an article on Doctor Who a week or so ago: I did not write that article, no matter what you thought when you read it.

That article was written before the current Doctor came to the scene.

The Doctor, 1000 years old, periodically dies and regenerates into a whole different look and personality “new” Doctor.

It is jarring for everyone involved, especially to the previous companions of The Doctor. The doctor looks dramatically different, and is a dramatically different personality.

As I can tell, one aspect of The Doctor needed to be made obvious: his vulnerability.

There is a great video compilation at the end of this article… worth watching, even if you have never seen the show.

doctor-whoSo in his newest incarnation, he is not just vulnerable, he is old, feeble, and a bumbling idiot to boot. Hard to get used to it… you expect him to make a fool of himself, to get killed, to finally be beaten, but he is the same person, powerful, and knows what he is doing… regardless of how it looks to us, mere mortals.

I am sitting here weeping at the enormous love The Doctor have for humans, and the enormous vulnerability it takes to be the savior without every being right, without ever being superior, without ever claiming anything that is not true.

If we compare gurus, teachers, healers, shamans to The Doctor, we see the reality in contrast: our gurus, our teachers, our healers, our shamans are nothing like they claim.

What do I mean?



x-menobsessed26-image-x-menobsessed26-36256407-650-366With power comes great responsibility. With great power plus responsibility comes great humility.

I am yet to meet a guru etc. with any humility.

Humility is allowing for the world to be, all-of-it to be, before, aove of one’s own self.

Humility is the only place from where one can love.

Humility clashes with pretenses… so at this point humanity doesn’t have it available, just like humanity doesn’t have caring or love available.

There are currently eight Human Beings living on the planet. Most have caring in common, but love and humility isn’t available to all… yet.

I am weak in humility (my soul correction) and I am spotty in caring. I can care, but for the most part I don’t. Hm… interesting.

The Doctor, the only model with know for Human Being, cares, has humility, and loves.

When you look at love in Doctor Who, you won’t see the sappy love current humans call “love”… The love in Doctor Who seems like indifference: no possessiveness, no attachment, no ego, no clinging, no lust.

And if you ask me, that is the highest of love: the state inside which you can allow the other to be the best they can be, and allow their love for you to help them to be the best they can be.

I love Doctor Who. I am not comfortable with the newest one, the bumbling idiot one… I see too much of me in him. lol.

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