You are out of step with yourself. You are split. You are schizophrenic.

inner-splitOn today’s Talk-to-me call I had an insight: I saw something I had never seen:

You are out of step with yourself.

The you that interfaces with the world is either ahead of or behind the you that you really are. The you that tries to look good, keep up with the appearances is always trying to fix the you that you really are.

No acceptance, no tolerance, no music, no harmony, no peace.

Let me set this straight: the you that you really are doesn’t need to change. That is who you are. On the other hand the you that you show to the world is off… mistaken, messed up…

So, simply put, the messed up one is trying to fix the one who is OK.

No wonder you are so desperate to find some peace.

Every single person on the call was dealing with the same issue.


Fight Club (1999) Edward Norton and Brad Pitt (Screengrab)

670px-Tell-if-You-Have-Schizophrenia-Step-2-Version-2Now, this is a little bit new to me, and I don’t even know if I can write a decent article about this… But you can listen and watch the replay… if you are not a paying member on the subscribers’ site, it will cost you $3, but you’ll have access to hundreds of good stuff…

But even if you just watch today’s replay, you’ll start to see how you are messed up and what may be a process that clears up the mess so you can start having a life worth living, where you are one, and not divided.

Here is the thing: the Unconditional Love Activator works to bring the two you’s closer, but if you don’t understand how this gap works, and that the blind is trying to lead the perfect one, you may force, and suppress… so it is a must.

I am going to use the upcoming talk-to-me sessions to get clearer what people can hear, what instructions they can follow, so I can become effective at teaching to unify yourself, under the flag of the perfect one.

One of my long-time students has been asking for this, but I must admit, I didn’t realize how this worked for most people, and how far off you are, by societal training, from being one.

Everybody promotes the idea that we are one… but everybody thinks one with others, one with the Universe, and other garden variety horse shit… irrelevant, unimportant, as long as you are not one with yourself.

If you are at all interested in a life that is full of peace and harmony, start following this discussion, watch the webinar replays, come to the live webinars, even if you don’t want to speak, and learn how it’s done.

Nothing will work too well, until you get the hang of it…

Bad news? Yeah. Bad news. Until you get it. Then it’s the best news ever.

Because this is not difficult, it is new. But not difficult.

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