Intellect, iq, smarts, intelligence… and the ability to raise your vibration…

forrest-gump-stupid-is-as-stupid-doesWe need to have a conversation about intellect, iq, smarts, intelligence… and the ability to raise your vibration

There IS a connection.

You have what you have… as much or as little as you do.

Just like in everything, how you use what you have that matters.

Cooking example: some people can cook a feast for 20 bucks for a family, others will whine that they don’t have enough money to feed their family.

In my time in advertising, I met lots of men with low intellect and incredible results.

With regards to intellect: you have abilities, you have a certain amount of energy to invest in using your intellect.

But you spread it thin, and when it comes to seeing accurately what you are looking at, when it comes telling two things apart, you don’t have the energy to do so. Or you are not even accessing it: you go to your mind, your stored information files… and there is no intellect involved… just repeated stuff.

are you stupid or something?I often talk about stupid… especially when I talk about myself.

My IQ, the intellectual ability that I measure (I think it is different from what standardized IQ tests measure!) is 130. That means that I can see things for what they are… but then I don’t.

Whether it is dyslexia, whether it is a the past getting into my eyes: it doesn’t matter. I have to look twice before I actually see what’s in front of me.

When I don’t look twice, I am ALWAYS wrong. Not looking twice is what I call stupid.

Most of you are so sure you are smart, that it doesn’t even occur to you to look twice. You are sure. DEAD sure.

In Forest Gump he says: stupid as the stupid does… Brilliant. There is no such thing as stupid, there is only using what you got poorly.

I am an example for that…

What do I mean “the past got into my eyes”…?

stupid-is-as-stupid-doesIt takes at least nine seconds before you can actually see what you are looking at. What you see in those nine seconds is what you think is there, what you remember is there, what you were told is there.

If you didn’t think you are so darned smart, then you could wait it out, or look away and look back.

Every time I do this, what is there obviously changed.

They call this already always… But most people can’t see anything else… Whether it is text, people, anything… it takes looking twice, refreshing your view in between.

How many people do this: Not many.

But it’s insanity! You are interacting with an imaginary world, that either hasn’t changed, or it has never been!

So, when I measure your intellectual capacities, I only measure what you have to work with.

Some people produce a 100-110 result with 70. Others produce a 50-60 with 100.

It’s all about your habits.

If you think you are smart, you won’t think you have to look. And you will produce stupid and stupid and stupid in your life.

It’s a good idea to know what you have to work with.

My soul correction is “superior” and I often forget that I am stupid. My results then are disastrous… a 50? With my 130.

Please start considering that you are not that smart and start looking twice, or look until you find something you didn’t already know.

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