My energy level, my weight, my pain, stepping and rocking

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granny with flexibilityThis article is getting a lot of visitors from Pinterest. So the first few words are for them: yes, that lady is for real, yes, she is old.

I don’t know her. But I am an empath and I can connect to her and measure stuff about her. Her vibration is 200. Her health is at 50%. And her hydration is 10%.

Being flexible, remaining flexible needs you to provide your body with the nutrients it needs, eat no fried foods or inflammation causing food: oils, margarine, sugar, grains… and practice.

The lady in the picture, most likely, has been practicing yoga for 50 years. And her ligaments have always been loose.

OK, curiosity satisfied? Good… Now, the rest of the article is for my regular readers

Topic #1: my energy level, my weight, my pain, stepping and rocking.

As you know (if you read my articles regularly) I have been getting old, heavy, and sore.

This year I had the idea that if I don’t get younger and more mobile, I will be stuck without a chance to move, to travel, to attend events…


I set the context as “reclaiming my freedom of movement”. It is very inauthentic to teach people how to become free, but be imprisoned myself… duh.

Granny-Got-MovesI first set out to walk every day, in spite of the pain. No speed, no time limit, I can even sit down when I have to, but I will walk every day. That was back in June.

Then I added to it a few supplements, one at a time… muscle testing them for this specific purpose: reclaim my mobility.

I am now taking, in addition to what I had been taking, Injuv, a hyaluronic acid, specifically for joints, Vitamin K2, and for my weight (after all walking is easier on the body if you weigh less!) CLA, conjugated linoleic Acid.

dsc_1889-aThe first three weeks of that was less than spectacular, actually I experienced more pain, but the muscle test stayed positive, so I continued.

About a week ago I added the rock and roll stepper, 6-7 times a day, anything from 30-60 seconds at a time. It noticeably warms me up: I move my upper body and my torso as well, not like a regular stepper, my upper body is free. I use a door post as a security device and as a guide… it is easier to move the upper body this way.

If I did anything for six minutes a day, it would have made zero difference: it is the continuous warming up, increasing my metabolic rate, my circulation, that will make the most difference.

One week, and I dropped enough weight that I can now comfortable button my jeans… 2-3 lbs, I think.

At the chiropractors new pains needed to be addressed today: a good sign: I am moving joints that haven’t moved in a long time.

I noticed that bringing the groceries up the steps was no big deal… wow. It’s been a big deal for years now… And only in one week. Spectacular.

Now, what should you learn from my example?

  1. decide on the small steps carefully. Don’t listen to everybody: they don’t know your body. People in the Reclaim program have the benefit of my guidance, and I get my guidance from muscle testing. So they are steadily moving in the direction they wanted to move.
  2. observe yourself and pick an action in your schedule that you always do, 5-6 times a day. Make that a signal that it’s time to do something else, something that you decided to do, that won’t take much time, you can almost do it in passing. Connecting to Source, accepting how it is, breathing deeply, drinking energized water, downloading to yourself the Emotional Shock Absorber… whatever spiritual practice you decided on.
  3. Make sure you pick an inspiring context, and commit to integrity.

The results are going to follow, guaranteed.

If you would like me to guide you to similar or better results, you need to first get your starting point measurements.

I am a true empath, meaning I can really connect to you and to Source at the same time.

You want to find out, at the minimum, your vibration number.

Get your Starting Point Measurements

Topic #2: Food additives

I have noticed that food additives give me acid reflux. Anything that their original state would make it difficult to sell has plenty of food additives: cream cheese, sour cream, etc.

I also noticed that most capsules of supplements have “inert” ingredients, dextrose, or other filler… that irritates my esophagus and stomach…

Remember, I have a body like the yellow canary they used in mines to give miners timely enough warning to get out. If it is hurting me, it’s hurting you.

I am now omitting those by not even buying them.

Yesterday was the first day in a long time without heart burn.

Topic #3: Flavored water

I noticed that people who drink diet sodas and/or flavored water, don’t use the Water Energizer… but all drinks are low vibration and rob you of your energy when consumed.

You can energize your flavored water or soda… to minimize the damage those beverages wreak on your body.

Topic #4: Help me get more people to read the blog

I am trying to increase the number of people who follow me, but I am stumped on how to go about it. If you have any ideas, please let me know.

Topic #5: Come and Talk to me… for free

The Talk to me webinar for subscribers of mine is this coming Wednesday, 4 pm my time. It is 6 am in Australia, and 10 pm in Europe… If you are a subscriber, please come to say hello. I don’t do idle chatter on the call, I actually coach, teach, answer questions… it is an at least $200 value that you could snag for yourself. Subscribe to my list if you haven’t.

If you have, the registration link was in your email from me… look it up.

For non-subscribers the link is this:

The link takes you to the subscribers’ site. Once you are in, your information is transferred to the webinar company and you are in.

If you used a real email address… then you’ll get a confirmation email from the webinar company.

Please show up early for the webinar, and make sure your audio, both hearing and your microphone work. We don’t have time during the webinar to coach you how to fix it… at least I don’t think so.

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