What can Marco Polo’s legend teach you?

marco-polo-mosaicThis may just be a legend… Yet, legends can teach…

Marco Polo was an Italian man who arrived into the Great Khan’s court. The Great Khan asked him and his two companions about the desert they had to cross to get to his court.

The two older men had little to say. Marco Polo, on the other hand, had a lot to say.

The two older men were banished, Marco Polo was given the role of advisor.


Because Marco Polo didn’t live his live with his consciousness buried in his mind.

WTF, right? What does that mean?

Mind and consciousness are not the same, don’t even live in the same place: normally.

Mind is a function of the brain, among many others. Mind’s function is to store and retrieve.

Mind is not a good judge of the validity of the information it is given, it is just a good organizer.

When people live from their minds, they will allow information in only selectively: only things that confirm what’s already there… Because like every self-appointed despot, the mind only allows you to get access to information that justifies its existence, and its rule.

That is how most people live… no access to the world, no access to reality, no access to words that don’t agree with what the mind has already stored as the truth.

So no wonder none of my articles, none what I say, can go through unaltered to you: you are listening, you are reading through your mind… that’s why.

What you should suspect is that there is another way. Listening through consciousness.

Marco Polo was seeing without the mind. Marco Polo was listening without the mind. He allowed consciousness to see what it sees, without the mind telling the consciousness to what it SHOULD see… what was already “known” to the mind.

This is very important. Without getting a handle on this, you’ll be stuck forever with no chance of getting out of jail.

So, how do I do it?

After all I must have a mind, everyone has a mind.

I have done certain things, decided certain thing.

My mother tried to make us recite poems. I refused to participate.
My father considered memorizing learning. I refused to participate.

Instead I listened with all my body: 360 degrees.

In mathematics, in physics, I refused to learn the formulas. Instead I learned to derive them from thinking, looking, etc.

At architecture school I refused to learn any of the subjects that required memorization. I learned what I learned through touch, impression, experiment.

Until this day I recognize most of the rocks, even though I never memorized them: I allowed them to impress themselves upon me, including their Hungarian name.

I didn’t mind being called stupid. I didn’t mind failing some tests. I did not give up my right for MY TYPE OF THINKING.

Most teachers want you to be able to spit back what they said, spit back what you read, without digestion, exactly the same way they went in… TO YOUR MIND! where else?

If you did well with that type of “thinking style”, meaning here NO thinking, only retrieving, then you’ll do poorly with what I teach, because remembering what I say is worthless. Even comprehending what I say is worthless.

The only thing that is worth doing with what I say is testing it out.

So the one percent of one percent of you that is good at that, and is willing to do it, will be able to follow me deep into the rabbit hole, and up the Tree of Life… all the way to the top.

The rest of you has a choice.

If your “thinking style” allows for experimenting, if your “thinking style” allows for learning through non-verbal, non-mind ways, then your job is to do more of that.

Understanding is the booby prize… meaning the teddy bear you win at the country fair… worthless.

You need to allow my words to soak into you and change you. Like a mud bath…

Now, if you have no idea if your “thinking style” is compatible with growing, compatible with learning through consciousness, then your job will be to observe yourself.

How much do you see in your environment while you are doing other things?

Not when you direct your attention to it, but when you don’t.

One of the main ways I distract myself from listening from what I know is playing freecell while I talk, while I listen.

I don’t play to win, I play to distract the mind. The mind is playing, so consciousness can speak, consciousness can listen.

Otherwise how could I surprise myself with speaking things I didn’t know… I mean the mind has not heard…

Now, looking deeper into the state I put myself in, so I can disconnect the mind, we could say that it’s a hypnotic state.

I have had stuff come up, stuff be seen, stuff “recalled” in hypnotic state, whether I induced the state by playing freecell, or just allowing myself to be present while the mind was doing other things, like ponder about stuff.

Note: notice that the mind must be busy with something else for consciousness to be able to get through to you.

It is an identification issue at core. If you identify with the mind, then you won’t even suspect that you could locate your Self outside of it… so you won’t.

If you identify yourself with the body, you have created a distance between You and the mind… It is a good starting point.

Consciousness is neither… physically it is behind your body, at the height of the upper back and the neck… that’s why dropping the head back puts you right in consciousness… I teach that in some of the webinars… most recently in the Emotional Shock Absorber webinar… or was it my Secret Weapon? I’ll look it up for you if you comment below.

Meditation that demands you to stop the mind is faulty: the mind needs to be allowed to do what the mind does, YOU need to be at another place.

Many people come to me from meditation practice: all are unteachable, because most meditation makes your mind take over, completely.

Chi Gong, Tai Chi, marshal arts, where you cannot be on automatic control, are a lot better meditations: because the physical aspect weakens the mind’s dominance.

Most work is automatic and allow for the mind to run the show.
Even sex…
Learning, real learning doesn’t.

Marco Polo allowed consciousness to gather information, and it allowed him to become a legend, instead of dead.

PS: In the next article I’ll go into detail about quieting the mind, silencing the mind, and such happy horse shit, they teach you… unsuccessfully, to your detriment.

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