The anatomy of missing the mark aka sinning

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    1. Have you been wondering why public services and big companies employ semi-morons for customer service? I am wondering. I think to mention this, given how many times it has happened in the past week.

Not every customer service person acts stupid, only most of them.

So what is their stupidity about? They only hear what they know. The filter of their mind screens out everything that is not the three-four basic issues: refund request, payment plan request, return request… you know the kind most people will have.

For every issue outside of the ones that the solution is standardized, the customer rep can’t hear…

The mind did not allow the person to interact with reality, only with what’s in the mind.


  • A person sends me an email today, asking for her energy reading. She just paid for her vibrational reading… but she read: energy reading. What happened? The mind did not allow her to see what was in front of her, only what was already in her mind.

I have a lot more examples. I thought you would like to see what it looks like, to you, when someone else identifies themselves with their mind… they do look stupid, don’t they?

You do too…

lion-cat-hat1-640x533How about this: someone asks for their vibrational review. I spend time with it, because I am not sure I am connecting to the right person.

A few days later I get an answer saying that I totally goofed: they are not at all like I felt them. They say I made them laugh.

I muscle test if they in fact laughed… the answer is no.

The person in question, a Californian, no doubt, have a self-image of cloudless joy and happiness… but it is a mind-construct. Anything that doesn’t fit it won’t be able to penetrate… What a waste of five bucks, and my ten minutes.

OK, with that, I think I am ready to talk about what I wanted to talk about:

Until you des-identify yourself with mind, your actions will be out of sync with the world. You’ll not be able to see what is, your aim will be off… and your results are going to be way off.

If you imagine living in the Matrix, being completely unaware that you are a piece of software, operated by some dude, who knows where, your life is not your own… that is the life identifying with the mind gives you.

It doesn’t take as much courage to step out of the mind as the movie, The Matrix suggests, instead it will take some work, persistence, consistency, and awareness.

lion-haircutSo instead of courage, you will need skills, you will need character… or probably better said this way: you will need to build character and skills…

Is it worth it? I have done it, and it is. I have seen others do it, and it seems that they are happier being in control of their experience that they were before.

How will you learn it?

I think I will take back my word I gave to myself a year or so ago… I may have to actually teach you… or die trying. lol.

All 10-15 of you… that is my estimate of how many of my thousands of visitors, clients, and students will want to participate.

Please indicate that you would want me to take my word back and start teaching again. In the comments section, please.

Less than 10 comments? I won’t bother.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

26 thoughts on “The anatomy of missing the mark aka sinning”

  1. Yes please Sophie. I would like to participate. Additionally, you mentioned in your previous article that you play frecell to distract your mind. Would listening to music have the same effect? Thank you. Elide

  2. I do not believe music engages the mind. If it has words, then it is considered multitasking, i.e. both activities are stupid. Same with TV.

    With regards to you participating… six to go.

  3. I thought so. Thank you for confirming it. I am working on organizing the old webinar replay pages, so people can just buy the old course, or sign up for the new one, and get the old one as a bonus.

  4. Yes. I meant to add me to the list of those who said yes for you to start to teach again.

  5. Pay attention Amy. The question was: comment below if you would like me to start teaching again. When you jump to conclusions, like there is a list to be added to, you are not in the same conversation… The jump comes from a sense of superiority: YOU KNOW what’s going on…

    Humility (i.e. not superior) would say: please start teaching again. or I’d like you to start teaching again.

    I know you can get it… that’s why I am teaching you every occasion I get. Because you can go far… if you can just manage noticing your superiority hidden below the visible.

  6. Thank you Sophie. When you asked that question I looked and I could see that there is this pattern that repeats but I couldn’t see what it was. Superiority… I looked at humility and I saw that I have no clue what it is, the humility you mean.

    I just spent some time reading your article on humility

    I see it now like this that until I declare that I am incompetent, until I can empty myself of all I know and all that I think is truth, I can’t be filled with all that there is that can help me grow. And this humility will change how I speak.

  7. It changes how you speak because what you see is different.

    When you speak: I know what’s going on, I know what you mean… you are speaking from Tree of Knowledge, and not what is in front of you.

    I know it is tough. This is why I will need most everyone who considers themselves a student, to do the Second Phase activators course: humility is the foundation for that… and in the old course only six people got it… if I remember correctly

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