The b.i.t.c.h. about life: what goes up must come down

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F-Roller-Coaster-at-Top-of-Hill-4Nothing is EVER in the bag!

That’s what is a “bitch” about life, that nothing is EVER in the bag. You have to keep your eyes on it, push it, make the right choices, do it, and then, maybe, it gets into the bag, for a moment.

I am talking about projects. Big or small, it is never in the bag until it is in the bag.

They say it is not over until the fat lady sings… but that is for spectators. Spectators who don’t enjoy the show.

For a participant, it is never over until it is done…

No matter how good it looks now, no matter how good it feels now, in the next moment it can tumble, go south, the whole beautiful thing can go to s-h-i-t. And more often than not it does.

Now, why am I writing this article? Because it is my experience, that we all, myself included, behave as if this nature of projects weren’t true.

Individuals, families, companies, countries.

Newton’s law says: an object in movement will continue its movement, unless other forces influence it. I paraphrased it, this is good enough for our purposes.

what_goes_up_artWe pretend that there are no other forces.

That people will not change their minds. That the weather stays beautiful. That people will continue to listen. That your vibration will stay up without paying attention to your angry, spiteful, hateful, greedy, or worrying inner states.

I was looking at the vibrational reading of people who participated in the Second Phase activation course back in 2012, three years ago.

Their vibration was high then: they did just get activators every other day, and they did some actions that bridged from activation to beingness.

Today, every one of them is pitifully back where they were before that course. Actually most of them are lower that they were then.

But the Dark Side of you, the lazy side of you, the greedy side of you, the heavy side of you is like a steady stream in the ocean: unless you continually swim against it, you’ll end up where you started and beyond.

I see the same thing happening with people whose attachments I pulled.

Right after the attachments came out, they blossomed, unshackled, beautiful. A month later they are back as if the shackles, the leaks were still there… WTF? right?

Now, that the wing-clipping energies gone, and they could fly like an eagle, they go back to being a turtle, because it’s comfortable. And the vibrational reading goes down, maybe not as low as it was before, but low.

You may hate that this is how it works. That tells me a lot about you. That tells me that you are an unhappy person. What is the connection?

Happiness is accepting things the way they are. Including the way they aren’t. Including what you don’t like. Including those forces that work against you.

OK, f… it this is how it works? Got it. Then I am going to swim… keep on swimming, and swimming… and accept that this is how it is.

Then you can be happy… because this is how it is.

Now, does this mean you should never strive for anything? Oh no, it doesn’t mean that.

But it does mean, that if you want to be happy, don’t take on projects that you are not willing to take home.

If you want to benefit from an revolutionary course, like the Second Phase activators, but you know that you will be unwilling or unable to do the work during the course and after the course to really keep your vibration high, then the Second Phase activators course will be a source of unhappiness for you.

tumblr_lr592i3Obw1qizgklo1_1280You’ll hate me, you’ll hate life, you’ll hate how it is.

I know I am speaking against my money, but I’d rather work with people who are willing and able to do the swimming against the tide. Long term. Over time. A little bit every day.

I started training myself to regain my strength so I can walk long distances without pain in my legs and hips.

Just 10 days of that, and I increased my speed. Yesterday I also increased the distance.

And what do I have to do, every day to manage that? Pop on the mini rocker-stepper 10 times a day for 30 seconds to a minute.

stepperI strategically put it in front of the bathroom… I pee a lot… and therefore I rock a lot… lol.

Like my slogan? 10 minutes a day… to increase my level of fitness and then maintain it.

Same with vibration. It takes paying attention 10 times a day. Maybe every time YOU go to the bathroom… That could be our claim to fame. We pee and therefore our vibration goes high and stay high…. How about that?

Let me repeat what I recommend: do NOT take on projects, about your body, about relationships, about your vibration, about saving the world, that you are not willing to take to its completion and beyond.

Start with increasing your capacity to do and follow through with small projects. Your consistency has been horrible… so make sure you pay attention that is one capacity you need to practice.

Don’t start diets you can’t be happy with for the rest of your life! I mean it!

Don’t do campaigns.

My millionaire friend said: the secret of my success is consistency: in everything.

the battle with the egoEven the Indian tale of the two wolves doesn’t say: give food to the good wolf once, and the bad wolf will starve, does it?

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “The b.i.t.c.h. about life: what goes up must come down”

  1. Wow Sophie you hit the nail on the head with this for me. I see that when I started something, I was expecting it to continue on its own momentum. I just sat back and expected it to continue. Which, obviously, it didn’t. This article snapped me out of that false belief and for some reason, I don’t know why, it actually feels good to know that if I take something on I will have to keep swimming and swimming and swimming. Maybe because I’m finally seeing the truth.

    I want to increase my capacity to do and follow through. So I started a small project to do every hour during my work day, 10 times a day. I set a bell to ring each hour and when it rings I stop what I’m doing and come to present time, get completely present in my body. Yes, it’s small, but it helps me see things clearer and it’s something I can see continuing for the rest of my life, so it’s a good project to start out with.

    Thank you Sophie.

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