Connecting to Source your way… what are you connecting to?

what are you connecting to?I think we humans are alternating between two extremes: being slavish, and being arrogant.

Either extreme is detrimental to your growth as a person.

I have been in an email exchange with a woman who tries to connect every day, and then describes to me her experience and asks me to muscle test if she connected or not.

I comply, but even from her experience it is clear to me that she imagined how it could feel to connect to something… but the experience of connecting to Source is not even similar to what she describes.

She promised to actually do it with me and with the video… but I doubt she will. We each have a bend: slavish or arrogant.

Her bend is arrogant. 1

What is arrogance?

Arrogance is when you think there is nothing to know beyond what you already know. The opposite of arrogance is humility… the kind where you declare yourself incompetent so you can actually learn, fully, what is being taught.

Most of us hear what we are told as maybe missing pieces to our completely built wall… missing bricks if you will.

But that arrogant world view says: My wall is correct, it just misses a few pieces here and there.

But what if your wall isn’t correct? What if it is all b.s. that you made up, heard, gleaned, incorrectly… and now you try to add pieces to it that fit… but the result will be a b.s. wall.

You are arrogant and you don’t even know it.

If you could destroy that arrogance, you’d have some hopes for growth, building a world view that matches how it is more closely, and more importantly, you’d be willing to destroy what you have and build a new one, so you don’t have to carry the faulty sickening view of the world, that got you where you got to: utter incompetence masquerading as “smart”, misery, relationships that don’t work, purposeless life, no skills… the whole catastrophic lack of wholesomeness I see in your responses.

But you, in your arrogance, want to keep what you have, and only add to it.

It’s like me trying to fix the first meal I ever cooked by adding salt to it in the end: disgusting…

Destroying your world view, of course, takes courage. But unless you are willing to do it, you’ll have a decorated unwholesome world view… keeping you where you are.

I am sorry to burst your bubble.


  1. By the way it is through and through… The arrogance of the very young, teenager, even though she is over 50. I remember when I was asking myself: why go to university? I already know everything.

    Nobel prize laureate writer, Elie Wiesel said, I think in a commencement address something like this: every generation thinks that they are the first person to tread this earth. Every generation thinks that the thoughts that they think are new, fresh, and revolutionary. And every generation refuses to find out what thousands of generations have thought… That is arrogance.

    So you see, we are all arrogant, some of us know it, and stop for a moment and ask: what if I don’t know everything? Hah. What if my whole knowledge sits on the wrong foundation?: hah… And stay in the inquiry. Inquiry is humble.

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