Let’s talk a little bit of what would make you first want to participate with me, buy stuff, and then go away?

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Hope-whispers-maybe-245x300What attracts you to me and my site is hope. And what takes you away is also hope.

Hope is a state where you don’t accept the way it is, you, others, the world, and you are looking for some light that others promise, that others seem to get, but not you.

You base hope on the view you have of others.

Hope also signifies a state where all needs to come from the outside, because you’re sure don’t have it.

You are like a moth being attracted to any light, even if it is fire that burns it.

I got a vibrational measurement request from a client. His vibration dropped 70 points. I checked and he has nine attachments. I have already pulled attachments from him, but he went and got himself nine more, some of those are those infectious attachments you get from healers, energy movers like Christie Marie Sheldon, from practitioners of the Access Consciousness Bars method, and lots more I haven’t identified yet.

His dominant emotion is greed… greed and hope go well together. I don’t know which one is more sinister!

Hope makes you a beggar, greed makes you a robber, a user… One is worse than the other.

Then as I am looking at usernames and emails, there is another thing that gives your mindset away that would first bring you here, and then would make you bang the door behind you as you leave: your conviction that you know what works, and that is positive thinking… Oh yeah? How has it been working for you?

When you make up a username or an email address, you may be in love with something, but a year later it will be just “what was I thinking?”


c2819a6254ed8eb022471b8b1745a7b4Or you make up your username or your email to declare to yourself, like an affirmation that you are [put something future thing here that you want but won’t work for] interested in.

Of course you are mad at me. I won’t sweet-talk you by saying that you are already that. Hell no, you are not, and you are going to have to work to be that…

That future based affirmation type email will be a source of grief… I promise.

Now, for you that are here, and haven’t left… yet.

The work to raise your vibration is not hard.

What is hard is to get the mindset, and make YOUR mindset the mindset that makes it possible to do the work.

As I said before, what gives you your actions is what you see. The mindset said best when we call it worldview… what you see… the view. The view of yourself, the view of others, the view of the world… Whether you see laws that govern the Universe, or whether you see that you can paint it over with some imaginary laws. Whether you see below the hood, below the surface… or you’ll be a skater of the surface…

Lots of moving parts and you probably don’t have an integrative mind… to be able to see the parts all moving in the same view…

That is what makes it hard. But it can be done.

And I am here with tools to get you unstuck, to help you through rough patches… to teach you, to coach you, to guide you… but you have to take the steps… I am only here to help you move along.

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