Read this article if you plan to remain a client or a student

A spiritual practice like no other… are you doing it?

What makes the “Stranger than Fiction” type of narration work like gangbusters to get you out of your head?

Stranger-better-than-Fiction-will-ferrell-272971_1024_768To my surprise not many people take advantage of the opportunity to watch a good movie and steal a habit that can be called a spiritual practice that can take you from a victim of your mind, to as near a human being as you can get in a few months’ time.

The movie, Stranger than Fiction is a really good movie, but the bestest part of it is that the style of speaking that the hero, Will Ferrell dude hears, is the exact type of inner speaking that you hear when you speak from the Witness’s position, which is heaven on earth, if you ask me.

You see, normally, you speak from your head, opinionating about everything, including what it means, what it might mean, what may happen, what should happen… all that crap that you can come up with when you head is up your ass…

Suffering, noise, never enjoying life.

The voice talks about you, your actions, your feelings, your attitudes, in third person. Which means, it is not the you you are used to being, it is the Observer, the Witness, the Watcher… objective, outside of the hubbub of the you you have been considering yourself to be.

ultimatum ultimatum3 ultimatum2There is NO OTHER WAY than this to start raising your vibration. I am serious! No activator, not energies, nothing will do it for you unless you get out of your head and into the Observer position.

Now, this is going to be an ultimatum. If you don’t like ultimatums, please leave now.

If you won’t watch this movie, if you don’t want to watch this movie, if you don’t have time to watch this movie, consider that you are not welcome on my site, and I won’t accept you to any of my courses.

You are kidding yourself and you are kidding me.

I mean, at least watch the darn movie! And then, if you actually want to raise your vibration, then start doing the narrating as a spiritual 24/7 exercise.

I had enough of people wanting to get something for nothing. Get higher vibration for no work, or for work that is unrelated to raising your vibration.

I am talking to you. I mean it.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

3 thoughts on “Read this article if you plan to remain a client or a student”

  1. Hi Sophie, so I bought the DVD and watched it once so far. I realize that I will need to watch it, probably, several times, at least. However, I’m not quite clear on the instruction: then start doing the narrating as a spiritual 24/7 exercise. I don’t want to be narrating from the mind. I have been able to watch/observe myself in the middle of emotions and actions. Any tips on the narrating….? Thank you

  2. sorry Baheej, I think the instructions are clear… try it. third person speaking… about YOUR actions, your feelings, your thoughts.

    You have to muddle through it yourself… Your question points to the type of person who would want me to chew your food for you too… is that who you want to remain? No offense meant, just feedback.

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