I found a missing capacity. I am now clear why you are not doing your spiritual work

flowers-or-weeds-chooseOK, if you have found yourself not being willing, or not being able to do the practices, or keep doing them: this article is for you.

I have been studying learning styles, thinking styles, teaching methods to make my teaching more effective. And while it wasn’t a waste of time, because it brought me to this day and this knowledge, it was putting the cart in front of the horse.

Today I recounted some effective teaching methods to a friend… They were effective to me. But when I looked at all the people who were exposed to the same teaching, same teaching method, same teacher, at the same time as myself, I found that those other people didn’t get the same results I got, in fact, most of them got no results at all. 1

you can grow flowers where dirt used to beChoices-Affect-You--Cosequences-of-actions

consequencesIn the conversation I looked at the fact that certain capacities only activate at a certain age, for example being responsible for the consequences of your own action. To be able to be responsible, you need to be able to SEE the consequences of your own action, I hope you can see that.

Males have that capacity activated around age 23: younger than that they don’t even have the capacity to see the consequences of their own action, so they do unkind, or criminal actions without a sense of it is going to cost them…

Females have that capacity activated 2-3 years younger.

Now, this in itself is shocking, but then I asked the question: does this capacity activate by society or by biology? The answer was: society.

If it is biology: do certain ethnicities with certain societies never get it activated? The answer was: yes.

I muscle tested different countries, different continents. Half of the planet lives in societies that don’t activate the capacity to see the consequences of your own actions. Hm.

Then, getting suspicious, I asked: how many percentage of people living in the US, over 23, that have this capacity activated? The answer shocked me: only 30%.

And how many of my students have this capacity activated? Don’t forget, I never thought activating this capacity: I took it for granted that it’s innate, automatic.

Turns out: none of my students have this capacity activated, and 1% of my clients. Don’t forget: a client and a student are two different needs, two different approaches.

And 1% of the people who visit my site have this capacity activated.

No wonder that my articles, although they contain good information, although they contain good exercises, spiritual practices, haven’t made a difference.

Unless you see the consequences of your actions, i.e. you have the capacity and you have the practice, you will not do the exercises, you will not do what you need to do to take flight, to raise your vibration.

Just like a child can’t see why brushing their teeth is important, you don’t see that the exercises can dramatically change the quality of your life.

Just like a child can’t see why they need to learn mathematics, you can’t see why it’s important to you to poke the box, to expand your playground.

The issue is the same with you and the child: you cannot see the consequences of your actions or your inaction.

And you won’t know it even backwards. You won’t know that the reason you are unable to think because you refused to learn math. Or that your relationship with your loved ones is crappy because you didn’t see any reason to do the exercises I recommended and you paid lots of money for.

So, I went to the third, highest level of connecting to Source, where Source is really ALL-THERE-IS, and asked if the capacity can be activated? The answer was yes. Can I, may I activate it with an activator download? The answer was yes. Can I just call in the unlock energy by calling it down? The answer was yes.

The second issue was: can I mass download it? The answer was no. Can I download it to a group? The answer was no. Even just one person’s ego refusing the download blocks every person on the call.

But I can do it one-on-one, and you can choose to be on the call, or you can choose to have it done to you, the way I do attachment removal.

Here is the paypal button to pay

If you are a student in the Reclaim program, I’ll just go ahead and do it for you, no charge.

PS: I will post more insights in this space, so please come back and check. I am sure I’ll see what specific justifications people have to resist the activation… or

  1. The ego of this person, although she doesn’t like how life turned out, resisted the activation because it looks too big a price to pay to consider that her actions caused life to be the way it is…
  2. This person reserves his right to verbally ok the activation… the activator was blocked in his throat: greed for self-determination. I offered a voice-session.
  3. Overall emotional response to this new activator: “I am personally offended”, “You are wrong about me”… lol
  4. the ego sobs when it considers that it has to go back and grieve for all the missed opportunities… and until I promise the ego that you can start with a clean slate, it won’t agree to accept the capacity… wow…
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  1. I looked at Landmark courses, I looked at T. Harv Eker courses, I looked at Pam Ragland courses, I really looked!

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7 thoughts on “I found a missing capacity. I am now clear why you are not doing your spiritual work”

  1. I am looking at this as an incentive to get off my ass and join the reclaim program, also it being a requirement for the second phase.

    At the same time feeling like a cheapskate because i wonder if its ok to do that and not pay seperately for the activator, ugh, horrible.

    Also seeing that some of the attachment/dominant belief removal had a lasting effect because i care less about sharing and looking bad/admitting my shit or at least am willing to bear it.

  2. I almost missed the result you are sharing. Congratulations. You felt harmonious on the last call… oh, and the recording never happened, so you missed the parts you didn’t hear. sorry about that. I fixed the technical problem today, by the way.

  3. On some level i knew that it was necessary to pay.

    As for the webinar, that’s ok, i caught useful things, like the not asking about how to be the observer, work it out by attempting to be the observer. ( i was going to ask)

    Also the question about what happens at death with the person/soul.
    I felt like i was in mourning for myself for a lot of the webinar and afterwards after hearing the answer – i live like i have another life or an afterlife.

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