The capacity of ‘The Sight’… that gives people like Warren Buffet the edge

Some weeks are like this: I do something, see something, write about something important, and on Monday Roy Williams’ Monday Morning Memo echoes it.

This is the case this week… You know when you manage to do something whose time has come? Gratifying, rewarding, like the Universe nods in your direction.

Roy Williams, the Wizard of Ads, has the capacity of The Sight open. But just like me, he doesn’t know it’s a capacity, he doesn’t know it’s DNA, he thinks everyone has it… And most of what he writes delights the people with sight, and eludes the people with the capacity of The Sight still closed.

His article about the Elbs, the Exponential Little Bits of change will make no difference for you or your actions unless you have your DNA capacity of seeing the consequences of your actions opened… or open. You know that something makes no difference when you nod and keep on reading… or when you don’t even nod… lol.

warren_buffet_adviceTest your sight on the quotes here: you won’t even comprehend. It is tree of knowledge for you, because without the capacity to see the consequences of your actions, nothing a man with The Sight can say that makes sense to you… because you don’t see it.

He talks about England… and I measured: only 1% of England’s inhabitants have the capacity of sight open…

I have a theory why the percentage is highest in the United States.

When someone comes to the United States, it becomes clear that it is up to them to carve out a living for themselves.

The idea of The American Dream is a powerful catalyst, but ultimately their actions are what cause the dream to be fulfilled.

inactive dna capacity found This was true 200 years ago, and this is true today. The competition, the disadvantage of being a newcomer all work to open up capacities that were closed because they were not needed in the home country. This is how it works: a DNA capacity needs to be badly needed to open up. And the need is both outside and inside. Hardship is outside. Commitment, devotion, striving is inside… you need both… or you need a DNA surgery… like the activation I am offering right now.

active-and-inactive-dna-capacityOf course, it depends how you arrived. If you arrived on slave ships… your actions didn’t build anything for you, at best they kept you safe… So our slaves never needed The Sight.

What the capacity does is give you sight. It could be said that without being able to see the consequences of your actions, you are blind, visually impaired.

And because what gives you your motivation, what gives you your actions is what you see.

You have the inner sight to follow the path of an action to its consequence: and your actions will be different.

It’s automatic once you have The Sight activator. Requires no thinking, requires no intellectual processing: you see and you act accordingly.

Ability and capacity are not the same. But when you do an IQ test, or when you do a job, or when you do life, if you have more capacities, especially this capacity, the capacity of seeing the consequences of your actions, your results will be a lot higher than they would be, same abilities, if you didn’t have the capacity open. Got it? Always compare with yourself… not others. Others are a closed book: you don’t know what makes them do what they do. You only guess, from the limited perspective of your own capacities. What you can see.

Which is to say: when you have the capacity of sight open, you’ll start to be open to receive and open the capacity for compassion, contribution, generosity, etc… Boggles the mind, doesn’t it?

If somebody asks you later: “How did you know?” you just mumble… “I just knew” and shrug your shoulders.

I’ll give you an example that you’ll appreciate: A man with “The Sight” open, looks at a stock. He buys it. The stock rises and by the time every Tom, Joe, and Harry buys it, he sells it… just before it crashes.

How did he know? It is “The Sight” he would say if he knew about it. He says nothing. He doesn’t know. It was not an intellectual decision. He can go and justify it, create a course around it, but all the explanation will never make his students make the right buying and selling decision, unless they have The Sight.

buffett-eqWarren Buffet has the capacity of sight open. Donald Trump has the capacity of sight open. Obama doesn’t have the capacity open. None of the Bush boys have the capacity open. Kissinger had the capacity open. The Clintons don’t have the capacity open. If you want, I’ll test all the dead presidents for you for The Sight…

The sight, the inner sight allows you to see the consequences of your actions, or the consequences of your avoidance… and then YOU do whatever you do. But you saw it. You know which action was the action to take, and if you didn’t take it, you know it was you.

So the capacity of seeing the consequences of your actions leads to and tied very closely with the capacity of taking responsibility.

Of course it doesn’t quite open up the capacity of responsibility, but once the capacity of The Sight is open, opening the capacity of responsibility is easy… without The Sight, alas, it has proven over the years impossible.

And I can’t say I didn’t try.

How my capacity of sight opened… my story

But, alas, I didn’t see that the capacity of The Sight was a capacity to open, because I had it open already… and had it since I was about 22… in stormy and unpleasant, almost tragic events… won’t share, don’t ask.

I pulled out of the storm and set my sail… only because The Sight opened under the immense pressure of the events.

I saw that there was no one coming to rescue me. I saw that if it is to be, it is up to me. I saw that I was not a victim, I was playing the victim…

I did what I needed to do, and as with any storm, I got beaten up in the process, but I was back sailing, instead of just being another floating body… not dead, not alive, existing… like most people.

Now, a little bit of teaching for those that have had their sight opened by me:

Notice that I am not talking about thinking. Thinking is blind unless it is guided by The Sight. So the question to ask is this: “What do you see?” it may take some practice, but it’s worth it.

Your feelings and your thoughts are, at best, derivative: they come from what you see… they are poor guidance.

If you ask the question: “What do you see?” you’ll start using the capacity… because even though you now have The Sight, you may completely ignore it, unless you teach yourself to use The Sight.

Like with many talents and abilities, unless you use them, they don’t help.

Society teaches you to think, and use that capacity only. But thinking is the most vulnerable to societal and Dark Side influence… a poor way to make your way in life.

Some teachers teach you to use your feelings… but you don’t know what you feel, or you don’t know why you feel it, so it is a really bad idea to use your feelings as guidance.

But if you have The Sight, and some of you already do, you see your way, you see and it guides you.

It’s probably the biggest gift I have found since I started this work. And like with all gifts: it was a surprise.

The capacity to see the consequences of your actions. Open and ready to be used.

Now, if you can see that with this capacity you’ll get more of what you want, and much less of what you don’t want, ask me to activate the capacity for you… No vibrational requirements…

Here is the button to pay

Please turn on The Sight capacity for me
Will it raise your vibration? No. Will it make you smarter? No. It will make your actions smarter… and your life better…
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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “The capacity of ‘The Sight’… that gives people like Warren Buffet the edge”

  1. This capacity fits well with my business, especially when i have returns, the should i replace or return or refund, should i object(there’s nothing wrong with it, you broke it etc)
    seeing the consequences – it’s not worth the hassle, i want to be a success, happy customers, i’ll replace, it’s no big deal.

    Also the if it’s to be it’s up to me – i am being more productive today, less laziness, i am listing stock that i’ve been lazy with. yay.

  2. There is a lot less objections from the mind, i am more present, before i would be in the future, with thoughts of “should i start this – i have that thing at 7pm”
    which would lead to anxiety and getting nowhere fast.

    So far i am just getting on with it, and i have something at 7pm, not stopping me.

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