My experience with activating the DNA capacity of seeing the consequences of your actions

The new capacity, the capacity to see the consequences of your actions, The Sight, is an unconscious capacity. Unconscious meaning: you don’t necessarily notice any difference, especially if

    1. your ego keeps shouting: “it’s hopeless…”
    2. the subconscious will keep on feeding you the same nonsense it’s been feeding you to get you where you are…
    3. greed, urges, jumping, impulsiveness will have you jump without looking. The fact that you can see doesn’t guarantee that you’ll look.

The fact that you can see doesn’t guarantee that you’ll look.

All activation was successful… I am writing in the process, and I almost never write: the energy went through…

I take it for granted that you understand. I found out some people don’t… 🙁

Ego noise

here is a person who will have a hard time acting with what he sees, because of all the noise the ego makes:

this is what I wrote down while I was doing the activation

it (the activating energy) got stopped by ego… tendrils towards greed (throat) and a heaviness… hopelessness… heavy heart I would call it, although it is not even near the heart. hard to breathe. “I can’t” “who am I to hope for a better future” is the ego speaking.

now: let me sweet-talk the ego to allow for something different than that: “look at his father… he could. look at his heart: it’s good. look at how he turns people on: he can… you see it? so it is not as bad as you make it out to be, ego… so let go… allow a future different from your predictions to come, OK?” fear but yes.

it went through… the danger with you is the mind and the ego… you’ll need to allow both chatter, but keep your eyes, the inner eyes open. nothing reactive will work. nothing hasty will work. nothing coming from greed will work. nothing that feels like an urge will work.

the true path comes silently, and it’s obvious… no wish, hope or desire in the mood, just “this is the way to go”

I know it is a challenge. I will look how your body could feel it.

Congratulations, the activity is available, it is active… the rest is up to you.

or this person:

ok, the activation:

your mind is protesting… your mind probably fancies you very brilliant…

history level unplugged . History level is all your previous actions and all the actions of your ancestors… you have not used your connection with them, but you have the opportunity to heal them now

subconscious is burning… disbelief… overriding, overwriting.

greed (ego) blocking… nicely ask him to let it through… weeping: doesn’t like to let go. lets go

ok, DNA changed

you have the capacity active. congratulations

Activation resisted on every level, every step of the way

or the hardest activation to date:

I can feel your frontal cortex being very busy… I’ll see if I have to wait until you fall asleep so you don’t interfere with the activation

you are intuitive, and you seem to know I am doing something, because your brain lights up in protest.

good, calmed down.

history level is completely plugged up… I’ll wait for it to clear… it’s not resistance, it is a new path… no one in your family has this capacity

subconscious… fighting it.

ego sobbing… regret, grief. allow it.

the soul… hm. aching. all that missed… allow it to hurt. it will get over the past and will start looking at what’s possible.

subconscious is putting up the “no matter what I do” resistance… and brings up greed (throat) as the last resort.

It seems that subconscious is trained to not believe easy, not believe sight.

You can relearn… life can be a lot easier with the sight. Hard to give up the status quo: it is hard… lol.

I try to blast through… like a tank… greed insists on staying… I am telling greed that it is the cause of no movement all over… money, love, success. OK, finally it lets go

finally I get to the DNA… prepare yourself to not be well for a bit.

wow. this was, so far, the longest session, almost 30 minutes. No need to pay more, it was quite an experience.

Now you see why I have to do these activations individually. In a group I would not get it done even in a day.

I am even considering that the second phase activators course will be done on an individual level, remotely, of course. A lot of time for me, but better results for the participants, and better result for the planet. Unfortunately, it probably will make it more expensive… hm…

The key to keeping this activity alive and working and doing for you want it can is to remember:

The fact that you can see doesn’t guarantee that you’ll look.

Looking is the key… And it is what keeps the capacity alive and ‘on’.

Please turn on The Sight capacity for me
Will it raise your vibration? No. Will it make you smarter? No. It will make your actions smarter… and your life better…
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