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consciousunconsciouscompetence2Unconscious Incompetence: the missing item

Like knowledge, capacities are either conscious or not.

When a knowledge, a skill, a capacity is conscious, you know to reach for it when it would be useful. It is like you know you have a Phillips screwdriver… and you reach for it.

But if you have never had a Phillips screwdriver, as far as you are concerned, you have to substitute other methods to screw in a screw, imperfect tools for an imperfect result, or give it up and find another screw. Makes sense so far?

To know to reach for it is not automatic, because you didn’t know you had it.

When I activate a formerly dark DNA capacity, when I switch it on, you don’t know you have it. You even paid for it, but you don’t know what’s missing, you only see that life is not quite working in a certain arena, just like the natives saw the ripples in the water, but could not see the ships… seeing ship with sails was a missing capacity for them.

A missing capacity is like the missing item, in the missing item exercise I have written about and have coached hundreds with it.

A missing item is like this: it is missing, but it is missing that it’s missing… you don’t know it’s missing. You can’t see it anywhere, so how could it be missing? right? This stage is called UNCONSCIOUS incompetence. You are incompetent but you don’t know… You are on this level with all the missing items. Remember the Humility article? Before you can learn anything, you need to see that you need it… or allow for the possibility that you MIGHT need it… or no learning happens. I have warned you!

We have hundreds of missing items. Each item is a capacity.

The way you know it’s missing is this: you watch someone use it, and you can’t see it. You see magic, you see something other than what the person is using.

My first identified missing item was freedom. I could not see that people were free. I saw brave, a saw recklessness, but freedom? I didn’t see that.

If you bought the activation of the capacity “seeing the consequences of your actions”, you don’t see what a person is looking at when they look inward, or make diagrams, or talk project, process, etc.

You don’t know what they look at because the capacity of seeing was missing.

To allow conscious use of the new capacity, you first need to find it in your history, in other people’s history, and even notice it when other people use it.

It won’t be easy. What you can’t see you can’t see. But… But if you know it must be there, you’ll look different.

I have a client who is now in business for himself. He used to work for his dad, but dad passed away, and he is now the new owner and he is puzzled to notice that he has no idea what allowed his dad to be so successful and he is afraid.

Imagine being Warren Buffet’s personal assistant. You work for him for 30 years. He has to go to a meeting but something needs to get done: a decision needs to be made about an investment. So he delegates it to you.

You sit there and for the first time realize why he gets paid the big bucks and you the small salary. You have no idea where he is looking, what he is seeing when he looks at a stock report. No clue. You see the paper! You sit there! But no idea that the clue is in your hand, because you can’t see it. The capacity is dormant or the capacity is missing.

This guy, my client had been watching his dad do business for 30 years… but doing dad’s job is different from the position of dad…

The capacity of seeing the consequences of your action is now turned on. Then I turned on the capacity of consistency… the capacity of not jumping around, doing things in a haphazard fashion. Talking to people always differently. Advertising one month and skipping the next. etc.

Can you recognize consistency when you see it? I don’t think so. But yet consistency is the secret of millionaires and successful people.

You see, it is definitely not a thing to do, it is a how type of thing. But is consistency worth a dime if you can’t see the consequences of your actions?

No. So many people are consistent about the wrong thing, and pile up losses every time.

Another client doesn’t feel well. He is using this, he is using that. But now, after the activation of the capacity: seeing the consequences of your actions, he thought of asking me about his health…

It didn’t really occur before. That his small actions of eating this and doing that can cause his health to deteriorate to the point it has.

But you need to know you have the capacity to see the results down the road… not just the immediate: pleasure or pain.

It can take a moment, or it can take sitting with it, and looking.

Although I have had this capacity open myself for a long time, I never thought of exercising it.

As an architect I was often asked to create a plan of getting materials, workers, different actions planned out in a time-map.

When I moved, I had to map out when and what to do, including ordering the utilities at the new place, painting, packing this and that, and the actual moving.

It’s not easy… but it uses the skill of seeing the consequences of your actions.

Your job is to start using it, though you might be a little shaking about it… Because it can make the difference between a good life and a stressful life, where things are never where they are supposed to be, where things are not ready when they need to be, where you never have time for the things you want to do because all the things you have to do…

Every minute of every day you need to make decisions where “the sight” used or not used will make the difference… or not.

Completely up to you.

Don’t have it yet? Here is the link to buy it:

Activation of a DNA capacity is a remote process, you don’t have to talk to me, or meet me. I send a full report of YOUR process so you know what challenges you’ll face.

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