What can be activated? Can intelligence be activated? Does your IQ change your results?

guaranteed-iq-success-guaranteed-bsWhat can be activated? Can intelligence be activated?

Intelligence cannot be activated because it is NOT one gene… it is a lot of genes.

A client of mine recently inherited a company where he had been working for some 20 years. He wants the company to stay as successful as it was under his father’s direction. He sees what’s qualities his father had that are missing for him are these:

  1. charisma
  2. confidence
  3. assertive
  4. risk taker
  5. intuitive

There is a big problem: these are styles. The way you do things. You can change your style, but it cannot be activated.

So in order to help him, and earn the money he paid, I looked what were the capacities underneath that I could activate. I found these…

  1. trust in self
  2. diligence: doing what needs to get done when it needs to get done
  3. consistency: doing what makes a difference day in and day out… requires the sight activator first
  4. seeing what’s important (requires the sight activator first)
  5. seeing value: aka appreciation
  6. authority: trusting that you have the right to say or do

These, the second list, are DNA capacities, these I can be turned on. Style cannot be activated. And even using capacities is up to the person who has them.

I know a ton of people who have unused capacities… so there you have it.

Now, what about intelligence?? What is it role in using the new capacities?

I have measured and the father’s intellectual abilities were 20 points above the son’s abilities.

Why would it matter? Because you can look, but you won’t necessarily see.

I have said it a ton of times: for you everything is the same as everything else.

So intelligence acts as a filter with a certain density of holes… the more holes the higher the intelligence.

The son lived his whole life as a dummy… irresponsible, and now he is trying to be a business owner and become smarter in a hurry.

Will it work? Yes, it will… to the degree that his intelligence allows it to work. To the degree he is willing to do new things in a new way. To the degree he is willing to look… and see… and act consistent with what he sees.

Styles, attitudes, actions are volitional… I cannot activate attentiveness… it is not a capacity, it is an attitude.

If your head is up your ass, even the sight activator won’t help you much: you’ll see the contents of your bowels only.

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