Your soul correction points to missing DNA abilities…

steve jobs soul correction…or behaviors that ignore capacities, or both.

My soul correction is Forget Thyself… arrogance, and already knowing it all… so the biggest missing capacities for this soul correction are the sight, seeing the consequences of your actions.

The second ability is consistency: actually remembering that there is a sight, and one must look before one can see… very hard for me to learn and be consistent.

Now, what is the usefulness of a “diagnosis” like that?

If you don’t have the DNA encoded ability active, you can ask me to activate it.
If you don’t have the behavior, then you can ask me to guide you until you refine the behavior and it becomes second nature.

Of course there are attitude issues, and missing feelings… so it is a tad more involved that the two lines above… but now it is relatively simple… Simple, but not easy.

Your soul correction is your grain… the way you are that keeps you from getting light, but it is mostly unconscious.

And more often than not, people can’t even see the behavior and the attitude that underlies the unhappiness or the lack of success… So it is not easy.

How can you get coaching like that?

Step one: get your profile drawn up.

Not a cookie cutter process. Even though I have articles about many soul corrections, I still have to get to know you so I can be laser sharp… I am no god… just a human who is willing and able to merge with you to look from within.

Step two: get the missing activators, feelings…

Step three: be in the Reclaim where I can do the work with you and you don’t have to pay much for it. The Reclaim is the most economical way anywhere to get personal support from someone who could charge double or triple…

The sight activator is missing for every soul correction. Because unless you can see that how you are behaving, how your attitude is now causes how life is… you are not coachable.

The prices below are temporary: I’ll need to see how much work is involved, so the prices will probably change…

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