People who say the whole truth was revealed to them are lying. Even if their name was Moses…

moses made up a whole story from an insightThe nature of “revelation” is that you get a glimpse beyond the veil, then the veil closes.

People who talk about “grand” revelations are filling in the gaps in sight and memory with their imagination, that is why most things you read have a very low truth value. 1%-10%… very few over 20%.

So what is the process that allows revelation to create a system of higher truth value?

My experience has been that experimentation, using the fresh and dramatic information as a starting point, you start to poke the edges of the unknown and get little bits of new information. Thus you enlarged the “hole” but not with your imagination, but with truth.

This is my method. It takes time, it takes creativity, it takes all I got. And it takes willing participants who are willing for me to experiment with them.

Offering to find the perfect activators that would make the soul correction 100 times easier is one of those.

An hour to two hours worth of work, looking, poking, muscle testing, allowing the whole picture to unfold… Yesterday I was in bed by 9 pm… I was so tired.

And today won’t be any different.

One of the most dramatic insights I had is this:

Even though seeing value, one or all the three levels of value, everywhere, in everyone, is the fastest way to peace of mind, happiness, joy, AND RAISING YOUR VIBRATION, people don’t see value.

The three levels of value are

  1. systemic
  2. extrinsic
  3. intrinsic
  • Systemic value is a binary switch, stupid/smart, right/wrong, valid/invalid. 100% of people see this type of value.
  • Extrinsic value is what you can buy for money. It is the basis of commerce, and unfortunately the basis of relationships. About 80% of people see this type of value fully.When you are needy, you are needy for extrinsic value: safety, comfort, tasty, enjoyable, warm, fun, etc.
  • Intrinsic value, that comes with being what one is, is the least appreciated. Less than 1% of people see this type of value, including in themselves.

So what, you could say

So what, you could say, but what you don’t see, because you are part of the 99% who can’t see, that unless you see value in another, and in yourself, you can’t have access to love, to compassion, to gratitude, to appreciation, to peace, to happiness, to fulfillment, because all of these (and more) need this capacity, the capacity to seeing value, to be active.

Inactively it’s been there forever, but historically one person each age had it activated. All of them thought other people were are like themselves… but people may look like you, but they are not like you.

Not inside. Not on the DNA level.

Teaching love, appreciation, acceptance, allowing to people without the capacity being activated, is like trying to teach a pig to fly.

You will only annoy the pig, and the pig will never fly. Why? Because the ability to fly is a capacity.

Capacities get activated two ways:

  1. through extreme suffering
  2. activated by a person like me, with energies, true empath, so I can fully connect to you and to Source. Which means: Source can activate it, it just needs a go-between.

But, believe it or not, active or not active, the capacity unused will not make a difference. You may inherit a capacity open, but you never use it because your upbringing, mostly by the other parent, never taught you to use it.

The capacity of seeing the consequences of your actions, The Sight, is the most important capacity of all.

When you have that, you’ll be able to see the consequences of the activation of another capacity. Not willy nilly… but through The Sight. Not with your mind, but with your Consciousness.

The Sight sees with the Consciousness, not the eyes, not the Mind.

And what is even more exciting, with more capacities activated, the Avatar State Audios will start working even better. You become more flexible, become supple, become more graceful. Not outwardly: no. Inwardly.

In some weird way I can see the Tree of Life within, and each inactive DNA capacity is like a frozen vertebrae. The spine isn’t moving at that point. The average inactive capacity among my readers and students is 80. 80 points where the spine of the Tree of Life doesn’t move.

I call it chunky… as opposed to fluid. I use feeling words in my coaching, because, as an empath, I have moved all capacities into feeling. I even feel with my eyes and ears… lol.

Now, with all that said, what is possible with this insight that seeing value is a capacity?

As I am working with the different people with different soul-correction, mostly students I know well, I see that unless the capacity to see value everywhere is activated both on the DNA and the practical, habit level, they will never be able to move beyond the stuck state that has limited possibilities for them.

Activate the capacity of appreciation

Seeing that, the second activator I’d like to offer wildly is the capacity of appreciation. The capacity to see value.

It seems to me that these capacities have a hierarchy. They seem to need other capacities to work. Like the capacity of appreciation, the capacity to see intrinsic value needs you to see into the invisible. That is the capacity of The Sight. You see, the capacity to see the consequences of your actions is just one aspect of that capacity. The capacity is much bigger than that… being able to see the things that lurk below the surface, being able to see the invisible… are so far I have been able to detect. And I feel there is more to it.

I think in some cultures they call it the third eye… seeing what is beyond the reach of the mind, the eyes, the ears, the thinking… seeing beyond, into the invisible.

It’s a capacity that you get better at with practice. Of course, depending on your character, you’ll probably end up filling out the gaps with imagination, like your favorite guru, favorite author did… and you’ll share it with everyone, fancying yourself a guru.

Because it is a capacity that gets you the most unearned notoriety… But being able to tell what you see and what you imagine is yet another capacity, the capacity of discernment… and, of course, that is just as rare as the capacity of The Sight.

Am I going to offer that? At some point: yes.

At this point I am offering the capacity of The Sight and the capacity of appreciation: seeing value everywhere.

You can get one or both… but you cannot get the appreciation activation unless you already have The Sight activated.

PS: I just got an email promoting the Mind Movies new launch. The email has a video on how to use gratitude accelerate you towards your goals. 1

What the email and the video doesn’t say is that 99% of humanity doesn’t have the capacity of appreciation activated, and without appreciation you can’t be grateful. You may be thankful, but not grateful, not the kind that accelerates you towards your goal.

So what does a person do without that capacity? They activate greed, of course. But greed is actually an energy block, and the opposite of appreciation. The polar opposite.

So with greed active, you cannot be grateful, in fact you are coming to a screeching halt…

And that is the problem with Mind Movies: that it primes your greed pump… makes you utterly miserable.

How? The view of the world, with greed, is that “this isn’t it”, “somewhere is better than here” “something is better than this”… utter dissatisfaction, disconnection, misery.

There is no activator for happiness, because it is not a capacity. But ultimately you cannot attain the state of happiness without appreciation: true appreciation, the one that is possible with the appreciation activator.

So you’ll be unhappy with your money, with your job, with your partner, with your body, with yourself, with your station in life. And that is just how it is.

Living a life of pretense on Facebook.

OK, here is your payment button if you want to be able to benefit from gratitude… and the Mind Movies… and want happiness…

Please turn on The Sight capacity for me
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  1. Here is the email… in which Natalie Ledwell pretends to have gratitude… but alas her DNA for appreciation is inactive… so she has to pretend.

    As many of you know, having a regular gratitude practice is one of the most effective ways to improve your emotional and mental wellbeing, and science has even shown that it can boost our happiness levels by up to 25%.

    But there’s more to this practice than just “feeling grateful” for the things that have happened in your day.

    According to our newest Mindvalley author, Natalie Ledwell, (Personal vibration: 140) you can use gratitude put yourself into a “manifesting magnet” state, so you accelerate toward your goals faster than ever.

    In this short video, Natalie reveals her simple, yet powerful, three-step gratitude practice that you can start using immediately.

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