How do you learn to tell low vibration from high vibration? Truth from falsehood?


“It’s easier to evaluate your results through drunken delusion than to gaze soberly in the mirror and face the truth.”

When something isn’t working in your life, your relationships, your health, your finances, there is something you don’t know.

The most frequent error people make is assume that what they know, how they know it, is going to make a difference.

The truth, the missing knowledge, unfortunately lies in the gray area of what you don’t know that you don’t know.

Unless something gets teased out, plucked out from that vast grey area, life will never change.

That vast gray area, unfortunately also contains the truth about most of the lies you learned from gurus, from books, from religion, from your peers and from your parent.

Or even from science.



What is being disseminated now faster than ever before is bullshit. Not even half truths… Utter nonsense.

By your favorite spiritual teacher, by your coach, by your TV, by youtube, by memes.

Why is there so much crap distributed?

  1. One reason is greed. Greed for notoriety. Greed for grant money. Greed for a following. Greed for meaning, significance, relevance… power.

    I understand. After all having a life with no meaning, having a life with no significance is probably the worst fate anyone can imagine.

  2. The other reason is this: the audience is naive, the audience doesn’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. For the audience lots of things make sense, and the more they hear it the more sense it makes.

    Familiarity breeds credibility.

    If you see a mass murderer several times a day for a week or two, you’ll let them into your house when they knock with an excuse like car trouble… Oh, I know you, you are a good man… And you are right. Dead right.

    Is the disseminator of false information pretty? They must be a good person, god doesn’t create ugliness inside a nice exterior… Oh yeah? Bundy, mass murderer, was a very good looking guy…

So, how do you know if someone is telling the truth or not?

  • Rule number one: don’t trust your mind. The mind is a machine and has no equipment to evaluate the information you put into it. So if it makes sense: it means that the mind spoke… Sense is a mind word.
  • Rule number two: the truth does not feel right. The truth actually makes you queery, stomach hurts, etc. That doesn’t make sense… I know. Because the mind thinks that the truth feels good.

    When I tell you a truth about yourself, does it feel good? No, it feels like hell. It flies in the face of your self-preservation.

  • Rule number three: once you have The Sight activated, both on the DNA level and in practice, once your Sight is working 24/7, it will be easy to see what is true.

Now, here is a little warning: if you only read what is true, if you only listened to what is true, you’d have nothing to read.

I read a lot. An hour or two a day. I am not counting articles. Books. I read 18 thousand pages a year. That is 80 full size books a year.

Most of them have only a glimmer of truth.

Read, listen, look with The Sight open and working

So I read them with The Sight open. I have room for the b.s., I only get upset once in a while, while I am digging for gold.

Some books: the idea, the methodology, the classification is worth paying attention to.
Some books: there is a glimmer of truth about the Light… I am reading that book now… and I’ll put it into the subscribers area, so you can read it too. It’s a Kabbalah book, The Rules of Engagement. I am reading it for the third time, even though it only have 7% of truth value.

But The Sight allows me to tell the difference, and not be taken to bs-land… Get what I need, and have room for the rest. Allow it to be, without touching me.

The other capacity that allows me to read, watch, listen to low truth value stuff is the capacity of seeing value, aka the capacity of appreciation.

I see value where value is, and I appreciate it. It is worth my time to go through the bs for the value I seek.

So if you are interested in being able to tell truth from lies, enjoy someone’s teaching without falling for the crap, please let me help you.

Let me activate the two DNA capacities you need to exercise to become good at it.

Choose your option

Have the Sight already open? Pay with this link: and put in the note to merchant area: appreciation. In some countries you need to click on the link “Let me know what you are paying for: Add” under your address… or it may say “Add a memo about this payment” depending on the country you are from or the offer is from.

PS: I read this today:

Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame) writes on his blog that science’s biggest failure of all time is “everything about diet and fitness.” He says,

“I used to think fatty food made you fat. Now it seems the opposite is true. Eating lots of peanuts, avocados, and cheese, for example, probably decreases your appetite and keeps you thin. I used to think vitamins had been thoroughly studied for their health trade-offs. They haven’t. The reason you take one multivitamin pill a day is marketing, not science. I used to think the U.S. food pyramid was good science. In the past it was not, and I assume it is not now. I used to think drinking one glass of alcohol a day is good for health, but now I think that idea is probably just a correlation found in studies.”

According to Adams, the direct problem of science is that it has been collectively steering an entire generation toward obesity, diabetes, and coronary problems. But the indirect problem might be worse: It is hard to trust science because people have become accustomed to learning that they’ve been steered wrong. “I think science has earned its lack of credibility with the public. If you kick me in the balls for 20-years, how do you expect me to close my eyes and trust you?”

The blind is leading the blind…

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