Can I, should I train you to do DNA activations for your family, friends?

Train-to-be-a-healerSomeone asked in a comment if I could train other people to do what I do, connect to Source on the 3rd level where you can channel the energy, the specific energy to cause something, like activating a DNA capacity.

This question is like the tip of the iceberg… it shows the world view from where the question came from.

The world view is: anyone with enough training could do anything.

Is that true? After all other people have opened healing schools, trained teachers, trained practitioners, trained coaches.

I am familiar with Landmark Education’s training programs. They train coaches, introduction leaders, seminar leaders.

They screen the applicants. The programs are rigorous, some even murderous.

Results: no good coaches, no good leaders, or not really. There are exceptions, but rare.

Why is that?

Probably the same reason they start training kids as early as 3 years old, to become golfers, to become swimmers, to become chess players, to become piano players.

Even if you have the talent, and some of you may, unless your training starts so early that you never had a chance to be spoiled by the world, you will never be world class.

I was already different when I was born with just under two pounds body weight in a hospital with no incubator.

I clung to life, in spite of the fact that my mother didn’t want to hold me.

I could not tolerate most foods, threw up every night, screamed… probably a lot.
Even the nannies my mother hired hated me. One even beat me with the broom handle.
I was a true ugly duckling.

I was thrown out from most anything I ever joined… I didn’t belong. I loved spending time in the darkroom… developing pictures… there I was undisturbed.

  • I liked to walk for hours on the hills where I lived, stealing apples when they were in season.
  • I swam, I did the uneven bars, because you are alone while doing it.
  • I never won anything on a raffle or otherwise.
  • I worked for everything I ever got, and I never considered another’s money any value to me.
  • I was fired from a volunteer leadership position 17 times… each time my answer was: “You cannot fire me from my job, only from your job. This is my job, and I am doing it.”
  • I have gone to hell and back countless times, each time a little knowledge leaned from my stay there.

So, no. I cannot teach you to be like me, to do like me.


Codes: Grabovoi Code, Healing codes

I was looking at the Grabovoi numbers, codes. where he says (sorry, I haven’t actually read it, so I am just guessing) that you can use those codes to alter your DNA.

Now, even if those codes were the correct codes, which they aren’t, they would not work in the wrong hand. Energies (codes) are like a really sharp sword… you can cause more damage than good, if you are the wrong person.

Similar with the Healing Codes… a normal person does not produce ANY results with the Healing Codes. They are the wrong person. And even if the actual codes were correct, a match to what they intend to heal, they would not work in your hand, because you are the wrong person.

Whoa, whoa… am I too arrogant? Conceited?

Maybe. But results don’t lie. Any results from any codes, any energies, applied by your own self, come not from the code, but from giving the issue some attention.

Attention is real power, and it often causes results you don’t expect.

But do they produce the result the “codes” or the “energy” creators promise? No. They don’t. And that’s that. Results don’t lie. People do.

Same with meditation. Some people meditate, and then turn around and teach it. Are they qualified to teach it? No.

Some people breathe… and then turn around and teach it. Some people go as far as hear about a program and want to teach it… without even learning it themselves, let alone mastering them.

So, this is the state of the world today: weak wannabes teach even weaker wannabes who can’t tell value from no value, truth from falsehood.

Do you think I should join the trend and start training weak wannabes? Tell them that they can go out and train others? Really?

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

6 thoughts on “Can I, should I train you to do DNA activations for your family, friends?”

  1. So basically you are the only person in the world who is qualified to connect with source?

    But what about all those people who bought your products, follow your courses and so on? Wouldn’t they be qualified after all those vibration increasing activities?

    Why should I buy your products or follow your courses if they do not enable me to connect with Source myself?

    Further I would like to know who are the other few people with a vibration higher than 500.

    I cannot read the FAQs on the website and the free report. Maybe this has the information I seek. Can you make it possible to read this?

  2. there are three levels to connect to Source. Several of my students connect on the second level, and many on the first. No one has connected on the third.

    The secret of soul correction has just been cracked open a bit more than before: the realization that on the DNA level you are a ground bound creature with lots of desires but not enough to activate your DNA tree. Your comment matches that description with the addition that you are also demanding, self-righteous, and arrogant. It’s OK, many people are like that. It is one of the frequent Shadow aspects of people.

    With regards to my faq, my glossary, not working: there is some technical issue I haven’t been able to solve. It’s probably a script incompatibility issue.

    Why is it that people from the Netherlands are the most demanding people I have dealings with? What is it about the culture of your country that produces whiny arrogance?

    It’s a particular combination… and stands out. Any ideas?

  3. Thanks for your answer Sophie.
    But why is it demanding, self-righteous and arrogant to first ask a few questions before investing money in someone? According this information a lot of people in this field are not trustable. All these people say they are, however.
    So in order to be sure that you are trustable it is completely normal to ask some questions first, isn’t? Why is that arrogant? What would you do if you were me? Just trust you because you are you? But I do not know you in person. So what would be your advice to find out if someone is trustable and not and delivers the quality he or she promises? As I cannot make this connection to source I have to find other ways.

  4. Demanding, self-righteous and arrogant are styles. It is possible to ask a question in different styles, yours are as I stated.

    I have no issue with the questions, I actually welcome them, and I salute you for not buying into stuff easily… or is this really the case?

    My hunch is that you have bought a lot of worthless crap, and went from naive to distrustfully naive… lol. I am not laughing at you, I am laughing at the phenomenon.

    If I could recommend just one product to buy, I would recommend that you buy the sight activation, the activation of the capacity to see beyond the veil, beyond the visible, beyond the surface, with your Consciousness, instead of your intellect.

    You see, asking questions uses your intellect which is connected to your egomind, and it will take you to wrong decisions, because you are very dupable (that is the other meaning of naive).

    But if you get the capacity activated, do the practices that make it work good, fast and reliable to be called upon, you’ll be able to make your own decisions. Instead of asking someone outside of you, in this case me, you’ll be able to ask your consciousness.

    So, for $25 you may become fully independent from the siren songs of the merchants, teachers, gurus, marketeers, churches, etc.

    And if it doesn’t work? You are out $25. And if it works the way I say it does, you gain self-respect, independence, real knowledge, and save a buttload of money.

    Good deal? I think so.

  5. How would I ask a question in another more prerable style that sounds not arrogant? This is not to debate with you but I want to learn how to do that because the difficulty with email and internet is that can’t see the non verbal signs so my text could be misinterpreted as arrogant while not so meant at all.

    OK, let me be honest. Here is what I am afraid of: I ask you to activate the capacity. Then probably the next step is to buy one or more of your products and activators (and there are many I see on your site). Then I follow a course and in the meantime I already invested a lot of time and money.

    At the time I have a question you tell me angrily that I ask this from mind and not from source. And then I have invest more time and money to learn to connect with source. And after a while I have spend hundreds or thousands dollars of money and then I am still on the first or second level and still dependend on you to connect with source.

    So that’s where I am afraid for and that’s the reason why I am hesitant to set step A, because step A means step B and Step C and so on.

    Best for me is if I could talk to one of your students to ask about her or his experiences.

    You are completely right, i have bought a bunch worthless crap.

  6. I see what’s happening. You want to become like me without taking any risks, without doing any work.

    Your current vibration is 170. You have 80 DNA capacities that are not active. You are hesitant to activate one, that would make you able to make decisions for yourself, in fear of me duping you…

    You ask about styles, but you are intent on duping yourself: learning a style is the key to duping others.

    I think you are a lost cause, unless something dramatic happens, and you get off your ass instead of crying your ass off.

    Life is risky, and there is no escape. Even with the sight life is risky… but with the sight the risks take you where you want to go: up.

    With your attitude, current attitude, I would not be able to teach you to connect on the first level. Do you know how I know? A free video shows on the site and on youtube… you haven’t looked for it… instead you are crying for the bottle, like a two-year-old.

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