Would you prefer to read blindfolded or be able to see the consequences of your actions?

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third-eye-girlAs I was looking to see what others mean by Third Eye, I found this video of a nine year old girl who can see not with her eyes… She sees physical things, things you and I can see, without the capacity of the Third Eye.

Her vibration is 100, and she claims she learned to do what she does from a guru.

My question is again. would you like to be like her, or would you like to see into the beyond, the domain of the invisible, to see what other people cannot see?

here is the video. Please give me feedback.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

5 thoughts on “Would you prefer to read blindfolded or be able to see the consequences of your actions?”

  1. No, Sophie I would not like to be like the little girl trained to lie she looked sad. Being able to see is far more subtle and obvious at the same time not a side show.

  2. She has learned how to do something to please and entertain others: Too bad.

  3. I would be lying if i said i wouldn’t like to have that ability.
    Not having that ability, i wonder what would be the upside of having it, is there an upside?
    She says she became confident via having it, that seems an upside if true.
    From the video it seems real enough(of course it may be edited)
    If it is real my logical side says it’s something we all should have or are capable of, therefore why not?

    Is she 100 vibration because she’s paraded like a freak show?

  4. Will, read my articles on the third sight… this is the same capacity I had to activate for most people, the capacity to see the consequences of your action… but it is bigger than just seeing that: it is being able to get what Consciousness sees. But Consciousness isn’t concerned with what your eyes can see… so she doesn’t read with consciousness. There is a trick, and whatever it is, it is not third eyes.

    Her vibration is so low because although most of her capacities are activated, she is not using them, she lives as if she didn’t have them. Your vibration doesn’t go higher because you have a capacity activated, it goes up because you use the capacity. And even if you don’t use it to its full potential, you see more, be more, enjoy more, you are more in step with how it is.

    She isn’t.

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