Really want to raise your vibration? Let’s look at your actions, not your words…

cost-of-not-buyingIf I hear you right, what you want is attitudes and behaviors that produce result. Money, happiness, power, peace, fulfillment… love… What you need is capacities… Read on…

This week I have worked on people who have sent me a long list of teachers, coaches, products they ave bought and perused, and yet, their vibration was below the tolerable level, and when I checked them for missing capacities, they had a ton… Like the guy in the previous article… 80 missing capacities.

By the way, I have six missing capacities myself… so even above 900 vibration you have some capacities missing.

Some capacities are linchpin capacities: meaning that unless you activate that one capacity, that one ability, all the other abilities are useless… can’t work. The linchpin holds together a dysfunctional construct… keeping you unsuccessful, unhappy, ineffective. I have students like that.

It is quite stunning to look at people I know, that I have been working with sometimes for years now, and suddenly see freedom open up.

One of the big issues with every person has been is this: even though both you and I know your soul correction, the actual action steps have been fuzzy to say the least.

And, in that regard, I was as helpful… NOT… as everybody else in this industry.

Unless people are given steps that they can take, steps that are supported by their capacities for being, they won’t be able to take the steps, or if the capacities for being are not there, the steps won’t make a difference.

I know it sounds complicated, it is.

When you want to do something, you want that action to count, don’t you? But there are some requirements, if you want that actions to be effective and actually get you the result the action was meant to bring you. Money, love, peace, accomplishment, success.

  1. You need to have the skills, the capacities, you need to be able to take the steps, exactly the way they are asked to be taken
  2. You need to be able to do the steps with the correct attitude, the correct mindset, the correct beingness, or the steps won’t do you much.
  3. You need to have an empowering context for taking the steps.

Until now the capacities have been missing… I assumed you had them.
And with the capacities lacking, my instructions weren’t the kind of steps you could take: without the capacity, without the ability many actions are impossible for you.
And of course, you probably didn’t have an empowering context either…

In this article I am most interested in activating the capacities, the service I can provide right now… activating the capacities for being… so your steps, your actions become effective and you have a chance to produce the result you intend: success, peace of mind, love, abundance, etc.

You see, the way to climb the Tree of Life, the way to raise your vibration, is to do the steps required for your soul correction.

That is what you need to do.

That’s why breathing doesn’t raise your vibration: your breathing doesn’t activate capacity, doesn’t activate ability, and breathing doesn’t make you successfully climb the Tree of Life. And the same with other modalities: Meditation doesn’t raise your vibration. Energy downloads don’t raise your vibration.

Because the only way to take the steps of soul correction, (aka tikkun (Hebrew[/note] is to do what needs to get done, the steps of righting your wrong ways.

Why your teachers’ vibration is so low

The people I write reviews about don’t do it, (taking steps to do their soul correction, their tikkun), literally no one is doing it, and the vibration of humanity is steadily dropping as a result.

But the most painful is when it’s YOUR vibration that is dropping.

why do you feel bad when your vibration is low?

Another question you may have: why do you feel bad when your vibration is low?

After all who gives a rat’s ass about vibration, and all those nice things, unless it also means you feel better, right?

Ok, here is your answer:

One of your aspects, the soul, is there with one purpose only: to force you to do your soul correction. If you do it, the soul is happy. If you don’t: it will make you miserable.

These are the only two moves the soul knows: rejoice or make you feel bad.

So, the cost of you not activating the missing capacities is misery… feeling bad, because even if you want to, you cannot do your soul correction, or not really.

It’s like running the marathon when you can’t even walk straight…

Get your soul correction capacities activated, and let’s start this party of making you feel better.

In this service I spend time connected to you, feeling and testing what is missing, what capacity, what abilities, so I can activate the ones that most cause you not to do your soul correction, or not to do it successfully.

For most of you this is 2-3 capacities… and at least an hour of my time. So, obviously this is an introductory price, and you should take advantage of it now, if you can afford it.

In tough cases I may ask you to get on a call for me, so I can hear you, maybe even see you. You don’t have to do it, but it would allow me to be more accurate. 10% chance… or one in ten.

OK, here is the offer:

Pick your option

Want to get the new Reclaim student price? Sign up to Reclaim

PS: … and here is another bit that point to a big cost… This is a message I sent to a student of mine, who is always pissed, angry, frustrated… not a pleasant life. She had her Sight capacity activated, but she hasn’t done anything about actually using it… It’s like carrying an umbrella, and getting wet in the rain because you didn’t open the umbrella… lol

You should start training your sight to see that all your upsets come from thinking that it is always going to be this way.

With the sight you’ll see that everything is momentary, that the universe is always in changing, feelings, circumstances, understanding, everything.

So it is easier to hold off harsh reactions like anger, frustration, being pissed.

Start practicing.

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