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zero-point-field-stores-memoriesIt seems that our memories get stored, depending on where the memory is coming from.

Memories through the mind are stored in the brain. Memories through consciousness… unconscious to you, for the most part, are stored in the zero point field.

Even though you have seen a lot, even though you have learned a lot, even though you know a lot, as long as you attempt to retrieve the knowledge with the mind, you’ll come up empty.

When I learned PhotoReading, the whole essence of the technique was to allow consciousness to do both the seeing and the retrieving.

Some people, the moment they left the course, returned to mind reading, and lost the advantage… and the course was expensive.

You need to have your sight, the third eye capacity activated to use the memories in the zero point field, and actually have access to wisdom. The memories stored there are not only your memories, it is all memories by all humans in all ages.

We are taught, in certain world views that we have lived before, because we have access to past life memories, but we all have access to past life memories through the zero point field. It is not necessary to have lived before… the memories are stored regardless, and you can have access to them, once your capacity for sight is activated.

Now. what does this have to do with the work we do her?



seeing-the-big-pictureOne of the shortcomings that have been driving me crazy all these years, that people see the world, and events in a very fragmented way, so almost everything seems to be unrelated and disconnected to the uninitiated.

I was working on the activation of soul correction capacities for a client, and became totally clear that the person has no capacity to see the continuity, the relatedness, the connections between things that have a different label, happened at different times…

So the person starts every day with a clean slate: a total dummy. The movie groundhog day: the person didn’t start with a clean slate… just started the day again.

Now, how does this work?

I learn an awful lot from Netflix series. You don’t. You cannot see the relationship between what happens in the movies and in life… I do.

Now, if you practice the third eye, the sight, a lot, you awaken the connection between you and consciousness, and between you and the memories in the zero point field.

story of the milk cartons

Now, this seems disconnected, but it isn’t.

It is being able to connect things by similarity, things that are stored in the zero point field, so you get a picture as close to complete, unfragmented as you can.

So, here is the story: I buy cream in pint size cartons. One week, a few months ago, some cartons leaked.

Next thing that happened is important: the milk packaging company started to glue the cartons with different glue. Today the milk packaging cannot be opened and used as intended: it needs a jackhammer or a special plier to pry open… but the torn paper makes the whole experience horrid.

What happened? The milk company was trying to fix the problem, leaky cartons, once a year, with a permanent solution that solve the leaks, but makes the product unusable.

Every time we complain about something, other people do that. Isolated solution to a problem that cannot be solved with an isolated solution.

It is in your marriage, with your children, with your health, with your money.

Unless you have access to the big picture through the zero point field and the sight, all your solutions will be the next problem.

And that’s why I wrote this article…

We have been trying to activate the big picture, to no success… because it needs the sight, a DNA capacity to be active.

Once it is active, a lot of issues will disappear… but, of course, you need to get the hang of it how to look with your consciousness and not your mind or eyes.

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