DNA activation free webinars – a learning experience even before I did one…

webinar to spread the goodnessOpening up the DNA activation webinar to all subscribers has turned out to be a dangerous idea. There have been three people registered who had one of those infectious/jumping attachments.

The first I found I removed from the webinar because she already knew she had the infectious attachment. The other two, I just removed their infectious attachment so they can participate.

You see, in order to activate a DNA capacity I need to connect to you, and imagine I’d discover a jumping attachment during the webinar…

Drama drama drama… we had one incident like that a few years ago… I don’t want that to ever happen again.

So, if you are planning on coming to the webinar, I’ll check every person, before the webinar for attachments, and I send an email if I find anything…

There are more and more of these infectious attachments around.

Update: This morning, a “naturopath” signed up from England… Five jumping attachments. Imagine that guy coming onto the webinar… the tragedy of it.


How does this work? How does an attachment jump?

Jumping attachment is like an infection, like an infectious disease. It goes from person to person through energetic/empathic connection, or through a cord, which healers use.

A person with a jumping attachment goes on a call with an empath, or empathic person. The empathic person unwittingly connects to them, and gets the attachment. Now he/she is infectious.

On the next call, with the next person, or in the grocery store, or at home, the empathic person connects to another person, and the infection jumps, multiplies.

When I connect to you, if I didn’t have the knowledge of these jumping attachments, if I didn’t feel it, and if I didn’t have the decency to check myself as soon as I connect to someone, and remove these buggers immediately, if any of those if’s didn’t happen, I would infect you and in turn you would infect others.

This guy… I turned him away. I won’t even accept him for attachment removal. Why? Because he is reckless, and removing five attachments in sync with the other, requires me to be like a juggler, which I am not that good at.

I’d have to grab the matching pairs… and pull them together… If I make a mistake, the attachment gets re-attached…

I’ve done that in the beginning, it’s no fun, pulling and pulling again.

On another note: remember the three-headed attachment and the unfortunate woman who had that? I just checked her, and she is clean. The attachment was successfully removed. I worked on it at least once a week, and she used energies that helped.

On yet another note: when you register into the webinar, that I said will be for people who already have the sight activated, and you don’t… you prove to me that you don’t understand what you read.

Oh well… what else is new?

PS: If you have no idea what an attachment is: It is a break in your energy field, through which another person’s energy implants itself and starts growing, like a parasite, like a weed, feeding on your energy. It also calls “home” preparing an even deeper invasion and enslavement of your “planet”, your body, your energy, your being.

I find these invasions, pull them, and seal the break in your energy field, when I pull your attachments. The process starts with you asking if you have any attachments… with a small donation.

Is it free? No, it is not free, it is actually expensive, because I do it personally, endangering myself and my energy. Using my skills. Using my Life Force. Using my time. So no, it’s not free.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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2 thoughts on “DNA activation free webinars – a learning experience even before I did one…”

  1. So what are the fees for removing attachments? Finding out is a time waster imho if not knowing what the fee is for having the work done.

    Btw, I just found your site today. Very interesting! Ive paid for a lot of energy clearances in the past besides doing my own work & would really like to work with an affordable & effective energy worker. I have also been a student/fan of Hawkins work .

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