DNA Activation: You want to be special but you don’t want to do anything for it… not really.

mental states illustration... making energy visibleI was researching this whole Third Eye humbug on the internet.

Of all the “supernatural” abilities people want, this seems to take the prize!

People want to be special, want to stand out, want to amaze people, but they don’t want to pay the price. Please check if you are part of “people”. My hunch is that if you tell the truth, you’ll find that you are.

Now, what is wrong with this picture?

It violates fundamental spiritual laws.

What are spiritual laws? Why are they spiritual?

Spiritual laws are the laws of the invisible. Energy, for example. Energy is invisible. It can be made visible, 1 but what you see is not the energy itself, you see its effects… Or you feel it… or you hear it… the effect, not the cause.

making-energy-visibleA law of energy is that energy likes to move. An energy that doesn’t move is not energy… When energy feels stuck, it is not the energy that is stuck, it is the effect of it.

So, for example, when you feel any feeling, at the same place, the same way, for longer than a second or two, you are like the amputee who feels pain in their amputated limb… it’s not real. It is the effect of the feeling you feel, not the feeling, the energy itself.

Another “law” of the energy is that it needs to be in balance or it leaves all the symptoms of out of balance.

bread of shameReligion calls this energetic imbalance “bread of shame”. Religion deals in effects. No religion, to my knowledge, has even approached cause… or tried… lol.

Kabbalah comes closest, though it is code, meaning that it uses religious terms to explain energy.

Now, how does this apply to your life?

If energy you receive isn’t reciprocated, there is an imbalance, like standing on one leg with no support… you get tired, you get sick, you get miserable.

How do you “accrue” bread of shame?

I’ll talk about it in more general terms in a bit, but first let me address this desire to be special, to have special abilities.

When in Spiderman, the uncle says: “With great power comes great responsibility” he speaks the truth, spiritually.

with great power comes great responsibilityBeing Spiderman is great power. Being an empath, a psychic, a healer is great responsibility, and it is given to only a very few people, people who can handle the responsibility.

The rest of them are pretenders, dabbling in Dark Magic. I mean it.

You cannot make an ordinary human a “special” person without Dark Magic. Potions, curses, poisons, like Ayahuasca… hallucinogen.

People who get “abilities” this way weren’t bred through generations, and their ability to take full responsibility for their power is not open. They are like a child playing with fire. Burning down the house.

Nowadays the world is full of fakes, frauds, and pretenders. I use the word pretenders for those that got the power through Dark Magic… although the fakes and the frauds pretend as well.

Now let’s see this third eye phenomenon: there are two kinds of views about the third eye, the internet kind and the kind where it is a DNA capacity to be able to get information, pertinent to you, from the Consciousness.

The view that the third eye allows you to see stuff that is not worth to spend a power on: the lottery numbers before they are drawn, read with your eyes covered, etc. Who cares, other than you.

hitler-desire-for-the-self-aloneIt comes from the only evil there is: the desire for power over others, the desire for position, the evil of “desire for the self alone.”

If you find a person like this: run. They are not doing anything for you, they are only doing what they offer for the money and for the feeling of being powerful, having power over you.


And if you’ve been seeing me this way: just please know that you are projecting yourself, your evil, on me. Being me is both a curse and a blessing. A curse for me, a blessing for others.

There are two-three thousand empaths on the planet at this time.

Curved-Screen-TVOut of them one was willing to step up to the plate, and take on the awful/awesome responsibility to use the capacity to make a difference, to bring harmony and growth to people. To blaze a path. To use their life for that… and only that.


My mother was an empath. Same abilities as mine. But she didn’t have my singular focus, will power, drive. I got those from my father, who went through hell and back a few times, and came out victorious. In that process he activated DNA capacities my mother didn’t have. My brothers did not inherit those: they take after their mother.

031813sweetowfig8I look like my mother, but am like my father. I inherited my mother’s style, and her empath curse.

The other thousands of empaths are like my mother: they are trying to live an ordinary life with a curse. Not a good combination.

F2.largeNow, your desire to be a healer, or to be touched by a feather and miraculously be powerful, beautiful, special instantly… because that is what you want, right?

Anything you didn’t work for, won’t work for you.

That is the spiritual law of energy. You are a weakling suddenly straddled by an immense responsibility… and if that energy came from Evil… you’ve become part of the Dark Side… evil yourself… disseminating evil.

icimagesWhen I measure the vibration of these people, after I remove the infectious jumping attachments, I find that their vibration is low. Of course.

The view of the world where unearned energy is a good thing is very low vibration indeed.

Now, what about you, if you didn’t drink Ayahuasca, didn’t get touched by a feather, didn’t do all the bad things I describe? Are you exempt from the rules of the spiritual?

No. Energy is energy, and you don’t want to work for it… That is why you are here! Right? You want to get unearned energy.

Your payment is for my energy, not for what you get! I can’t charge you for that, that you need to earn.

Interestingly, your child, your parent, your sibling gets their DNA capacities opened when I open yours. Meaning: if I activate your capacity of The Sight, your child gets it too.

Do they get punished because they didn’t earn it? No. They are innocent. They will probably never know they have it, unless life offers them challenges where they have a chance to use it.

But you, my dear reader: unless you use your new capacity, you have bread of shame.

Because each DNA activation gives you great power. And with great power comes great responsibility.

Bummer, eh?

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  1. TV screen, X-ray, radar, EEG are good examples

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