Should you read Kabbalah? I mean popular Kabbalah, Kabbalah the way the Kabbalah Centre teaches it

kabbala vs. kabbalah centre kabbalah

  • Kabbalah the way the Kabbalah Centre teaches it: Truth value: 10%
  • If you take out god, and incarnation, karma, law of attraction, etc., all the religious connotations: 19%

Compare the 19%

  • Compare it with the Old Testament: Truth value less than 1%
  • Compare it with the New Testament: Truth value less than 1%
  • Compare it with The Law of Attraction: Truth value less than 1%
  • Indian scriptures: Truth value 2%

Obviously your best bet is to read Kabbalah books, but to read them with the capacity of Discernment, also known as Astuteness, Mental Acuity, so you can allow the not true things to be there, but soak up the truth that is 19%.

So, obviously, Kabbalah doesn’t have all the truth. It has 19%.
The truth value of what I teach is 70%, so I don’t have all the truth either.

Does reading what I write give you 70% of the truth? I wish. You can’t get it, don’t get it, for two reasons:


  1. You read with the mind
  2. I am speaking to capacities you don’t have… so it is either mis-interpreted, based on what you know, or ignored… mostly ignored… like noise.


the_historical_aspect_of_the_science_of_kabbalah_pic_1_largeSo what is there to do? To do the best you can do with what you got… especially if you add the capacity of astuteness to your arsenal of tools.

Once you get that capacity activated, your first job should be to get the distinction between understanding (mind) and getting it.

A great focus of meditation will be the difference between understanding the shower, and getting wet.

You want to get wet.

Then re-read as many of my articles as you are willing, with this focus on getting wet.

You’ll know: you’ll have the capacity activated, just practice it.

This is still far from being able to tell truth from falsehood, and allow the falsehood to be (ie don’t fight it, just let it be, like you should let the weather be) and get the truth… i.e. get wet.

There are no gods, no angels, no past lives, none of that is true. I know it would be more comfortable if it were true, but I hope by now you don’t want to choose to live in a daydream.

When I was young, I spent all my time in a daydream, where I was important, loved, beautiful, and had fun.

In my actual life I had none of it. I mean fun…

At some point it became a non-issue, and I came out to reality and started to play there… I assure you it is at least some fun.

Not imagined fun, real fun.

Because capacities seem to build on each other, like a tree, it is important that you get the other DNA capacity activations, before you come and ask for this.

By the way, I put a Kabbalah book in pdf form in the subscribers only site

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