What holds you back?

different-strokesI have been wondering what is the real reason behind many of you

1. coming back and reading the articles for years, yet never actually buying anything
2. buying stuff but not using them

I watched a video today, aimed at hypnotherapists.

The similarity between hypnotherapy and what I do is that most of what happens happens in the invisible realm. And what comes up is fear… doesn’t it?

What if she blah blah blah, fill in the blank with your fear.

In this article I want to honor the people who can’t even get themselves into the position to actually try… try and succeed, try and fail, but at least give it a shot.

In this video, the person they want to understand has gone beyond that “not even trying” stage: they actually booked an appointment and even showed up to their hypnosis session.

But when there, they can’t or won’t be able to say what they really want.

And even though coming to read my articles is a little less commitment than booking an appointment and showing up, I do see similarity here.

Of course the difference is bigger: I don’t have a chance to have a one-on-one conversation with you, like the hypnotist in the video. But I can ask you to watch the video, go deeper within, and see what is in the way.

Of course, many of you are gossipy mind-creatures, that just want to be entertained by my articles.

I am not talking to you: your motivation is probably information…

I am talking to those of you, you? that would want to get from A to B, would like to get what I am offering, growth, clarity, power… and what comes with it, joy, peace of mind, and fulfillment… at least on some level.

Maybe you are stuck on lower level desires like a desire for money, a desire for power, a desire for success…

They are also available when you start growing, gain clarity, and take on your power… but yet money, losing weight, finding the love of your life are not my direct aim, they are like side-effects.

I have thought long and hard to join the popular teachers and teach what you want… the lower level desires fulfilled, but I saw that those methods, those teachings don’t work… because unless there is an inner change, there cannot be an outer change.

Lower level desires, by the way, are outer changes. Nothing wrong with them, I want them too, but I know that there is no way to getting to them directly… only through inner change.

If nothing else, this is what you want to learn from me.

I have coached, and still coach people on outer matters, and every time I do that, I regret it.

A famous cosmetic surgeon illustrated it best: after performing a surgery on a woman with a horrid nose, she became gorgeous. But inside she was still that person that no one wanted to look at…

And that is why I chose to work on your insides with you: energy supported transformation.

I do the energy, and you do the work… Because the only way to change is to do it yourself. With guidance, with nudges, with corrections from a guide or a coach, but do it yourself.

And that is another area that the video can help with: if you are one of those people that have been buying energies from me, but there is no change: please watch the video and ask yourself what is in the way. And what is your true motivation, that is maybe bigger than the reluctance, the fear, the laziness, the “I am already a loser” attitude.

Please. And if you need to talk to me about it, because you see something I can help you overcome, please email me. I’d love to help you overcome what is blocking you.

There are two kinds of switches you need to do: a. you are a client… not a hypnotist… and yet, depending on your level of current evolutionary state, you can do that… it is a DNA capacity, and you either have it active or not… b. you are not in a hypnotist’s office… but yet, you have an unfulfilled or unexpressed motivation… what is it?

OK, here you go, here is the video, It’s 18 minutes long, so don’t start watching it unless you have the time now. Oh, one more thing: if you wan the capacity that is needed to benefit from two people’s interaction, to be able to glean the lesson, to be able to map it on your life, then please pay through this link. I’d love to activate that capacity for you.

You see, in all my group coaching, what makes it worth for everybody, is this capacity: to fully benefit from a conversation that is not addressed to you, isn’t about you, and yet, you get the benefit. Also from books, movies, and case-studies.

OK, now the video is really here… lol.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “What holds you back?”

  1. That’s wonderful, congratulations. You see you can only feel something in another that you can identify.

    But between you and me, from my point of view, from the energetic point of view, from the DNA capacity point of view, I demonstrated the capacity of bilocation, the capacity to be able to see from another’s vantage point, feel from another vantage point, to walk in another’s shoes, so I, the teacher, can say what communicates (also for sales people, lovers, parents, this is an essential capacity to master!) to that person, so they can see something that no other person can see. And this is the same capacity I am offering to activate in the article.

    So, albeit compassion uses this capacity, it is not the capacity. But, of course, after I get through my superior frustration racket, I do have compassion for you, and for everyone…

    The capacity to have the frustration but be the compassionate one is not a capacity I have already mastered… but you are right, this article is a good example, that I can be compassionate. Now the next step for me is to be that more often.

    Thank you for teaching me something I need to practice.

    One more sentence: what is in my way is this: humility is the polar opposite of my soul correction. And you can’t say compassion is more important that bilocation, unless you practice humility…

    The hardest thing I’ve ever attempted. This answer to your comment is only half way there.

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